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35 thoughts on “The Secret Of Monkey Island

  1. @00calvera Isn't Guybrush kind of a villain himself? Seeing as he wants to be a pirate? Why people call Guybrush a hero just confuses me.

  2. I loved this game. I remember playing it on my dad's Pentium 386 computer. Pre Windows 3.1, pre CD's for computers. I remember installing this via a half dozen or so 3.5 floppy's that held 1.44 MB each.

  3. No it's not. Secret of Monkey Island was never on the Super intendo. Maybe it was the Sega CD version you were playing. Plus the version you see here is the demo.

  4. The second best game ever (the first one being LeChuck's revenge)! My first exposure to the series happened in 1994, which was kind of late (at the time, the second one had already been released for 3 years). One of my friends lent me this very demo (on a 5.25 inch floppy disk off course), and I got hooked. How nostalgic…

  5. I'm not sure how this guy recorded them, but if I were to record a game from another platform, I'd run it on an emulator on my PC and use FRAPs.

    I think in this case he just ran the old PC version in DOSBox and captured the video with something like FRAPs or an equivalent video capture programme.

  6. i love this game, had a great story line i really felt part of the game , i loved how the game takes you through a story it was like reading a book but yet you was part of a game. the game was kinda educational. It made the user learn to read.

  7. Huh, never knew there was a demo of this, this is one of my favorite games of all time.

    The Voodoo Lady is a LOT like Miss Cleo compared to how she is in the actual game which is interesting- Cleo wasn't "Fortune Telling" yet.

    Thanks for the show.

  8. That worked on my Tandy 1000. TGA was a slightly less quality then an EGA video card. It could display 16 colors at once which was kick-ass in 1989!

  9. Yes, it is. Tought, most money island games got the whole insult-swordfight thing in them.
    In monkey island 1 it happens in one of the challenges, in monkey island 3 it happens wen you get the boat.

  10. Wow, so the toll troll was actually something they made up for monkey island 1 but they decided to include it in monkey island 2 instead?
    Pretty interesting things you can learn from demos.

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