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10 thoughts on “The Peace Accord? – Star Trek Discovery 3×12

  1. Admiral Vance has such balls of steel, but he didn't forget what was important. A peace without rectifying or reconciling the past would be a peace that wouldn't last.

  2. I'm guessing her congress is the group that came up with this treaty and she wasn't the one proposing these concessions. They are running out of dilithium and she is losing her power which was based on fear.

    Vance says there are good people in the chain and that they are afraid to put her on trail. We even meet one of these good people in this episode. I think she only agreed to meet with the federation because she is losing her power and was forced to.

  3. This scene actually felt like TNG era Trek, where a negotiation could be as engaging as a space battle. Credit where credit is due.

  4. I kinda like Oysraa
    She's a good villain
    (nods head intensively with a disgusted face) "yeah i see what you're getting at"💁‍♀️
    "can't be me"🤷‍♀️🙅‍♀️
    "ahh glitch..ask me again"🙋‍♀️ (walks closer to the admiral)

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