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37 thoughts on “The Party Island | GTA Online | Ep.10 [Part 2]

  1. We fly into the island to check what the party is all about and to start scoping out the areas of interest… Enjoy the video!

  2. Polecat324 there’s a shit tone of shit in the compound like a shit tone that was not all of it there’s shit more stuff in the compound there’s like over 5.9 million in that compound

  3. You should’ve done more recon you could’ve found gold cash and weed just sitting around all you have to do is take a picture and it will show up on your mini map so later in the main heist you guys get more money out of it

  4. I have seen this done successfully on a previous video and even though I love your post I have serious doubt that you and muppet will be able to successfully complete this mission!

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