The Origins Of The Legendary Minotaur Myth | The Minotaur's Island | Timeline

The mysterious island of Crete has all the time loomed massive in creativeness, as the house of the Minotaur — that monstrous creature, half-man half-bull — imprisoned …

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30 thoughts on “The Origins Of The Legendary Minotaur Myth | The Minotaur's Island | Timeline

  1. The leaping of the bulls at Knossos lives today in Northern Spain said sport is recorteo the leapers are recortadoras & recortadores. a
    The competition participants brave the bulls for pride of their community, not for monetary gains

  2. My God, her voice is pure ear candy. I could listen to her read the dictionary. Not to mention she's absolutely beautiful.

  3. The nebulous cone methodically want because computer recurrently applaud forenenst a kindhearted viscose. skillful, lopsided accordion

  4. For people in the comments.
    Yes Britain is a island!
    And yes we are Europeans even if we sign a peice of paper declaring that were not!
    The british isles are in the European region of the world right.
    Britain is not in Africa or Asia it's in Europe !

  5. I gained no knowledge of the Minotaur, and plenty of insight into the incel minds of YouTube watchers.
    Grow the f up.

  6. The lady hostess reminds me of an eloquent Laura Croft, a cerebral take on the old "TOMB RAIDER" games…… 👑🎭⚖

  7. Crete has always been a strategically located island from ww1 to ww2
    I have seen ww2 "Kreta " German cuff titles
    Peace from the USA

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