Think about an island stuffed solely with rabbits. Okunoshima is a small island in Japan’s Inland Sea. It is known as “Rabbit Island” due to the hundreds of feral rabbits …

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44 thoughts on “The Mystery of Rabbit Island

  1. Please raise awareness when talking about rabbit island. Everyone makes it look like such a cute tourist spot, but so many of these rabbits are sick and malnourished, they are starving. They depend solely on tourists for food and the pellets they sell to feed them with aren’t the most nutritious. These are domesticated rabbits left to fend for themselves and their population has been growing ever since they were first brought there. There are natural predators in that island, some of the rabbits have visible injuries do to attacks from birds. This is not to be treated as an attraction but they need volunteers to care for the island as there is little to none natural vegetation there and the rabbits need some extra care than they’re currently getting as well, they need water too!

  2. rabbit meat is tasty, and with their high reproduction rate one will never run out..
    better and healthier alternative to the hormone laden chicken and beef that people consume

  3. 1:09 Those poor rabbits look at that dirty water they are drinking and where is their leafy greens, hay and all of their healthy food ? Poor bunnies

  4. Hey this island is terrible. Look it up. The rabbits are starving and have no one looking after them. They don't all look like that. They all need people looking after them and tourists don't feed them the right food or help them. They are hurting them.

  5. These rabbit are living there in very bad condition they don't have good food and water and they are starving if you don't believe me watch Lennon the bunny channel

  6. u guys haven’t covered everything, the rabbits are actually malnourished and many have died on that island, the rabbits do sometimes have food but the food are not fresh or clean and also not nutritious for a rabbit’s diet, the yt channel “Lennon The Bunny” has covered this topic, if u want more info watch the video. and the rabbits have diseases not only that the diseases can be spreaded to humans who visit that island

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