The Mysterious Denisovans… Siberian Cave Discovery Could Rewrite History

A tiny Bones… That is all it took to disclose a outstanding discovery of a baffling new type of historic human. Named the Denisovans, after the title of the collapse …

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19 thoughts on “The Mysterious Denisovans… Siberian Cave Discovery Could Rewrite History

  1. I have a very strong suspicion that Denisovan DNA will be found in small percentages (like the 4% on average) found in Chinese people) In population groups in Mongolia, and the area of ancient Khazaria, now in modern day Israel. Historically, in their written records and accounts by others of them, they are very, very similar in temperament and other attributes.

  2. 🤣🤣 75000 year old DNA? anyone who knows even the basics of DNA knows unless snap frozen in time- there is no possible way DNA can survive more than 3/4000 years yet alone 75000 years!!! Not even REMOTELY believable sorry

  3. I wonder if the northeastern tribe in Japan haz Denisoven genes…the video I watched about them said they are somehow genetically apart from the main populous of Japan and that they are a very ancient tribe/people.
    P.S.- I am not a college grad much less a dr., but I do wonder. : )

  4. Causcasians an Asians gotta be the modern descendants of Denisovans an Neanderthals they have some of the same traits an make up

  5. All I heard in this video is "not complete accuracy", " inconclusive", " theoretical", " possibly true", etc, etc, etc…
    Unless you actually " know", you don't. I hate these speculative videos…

  6. What if the cave is like a meeting place for them all like the first shop and cafeteria or it was 1 of the first place were we made camp after we left Africa so it was in people's memories so thay went back to it or it's a hub

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