The Most HATED Roblox Islands Update Ever

Roblox Household Pleasant No Cursing Enjoyable! On this Roblox Gameplay I try The Most HATED Roblox Islands Replace Ever Subscribe for INFINITE Robux!

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40 thoughts on “The Most HATED Roblox Islands Update Ever

  1. they take my buff cry and I work so hard for it + I can't sell my pink sticky gear this game sucks like a duke >:(

  2. I lost 2 million coins and reset my island AND my entire inventory was reset I lost millions more I had so many secrets TAHT I GOT T ON MY OWN I quit the game

  3. The most important thing that got deleted was my 16 smelters and 3 cactus swords. IM SO SAD :(. Also the archery xp thing is dumb because some people like me dont have a crosshair in their bows so they cant aim

  4. So um the update was a lil bit bad but it was for the economy dupers now will stop duping but alot of people will quit islands cuz of this update this lvl update was just like the roblox update that said you dont need premium to upload clothes you need 100 robux so yea I liked the update and that what is important please people who left the game forgive islands come back to islands you'll like the game

  5. ill say GARY DONT YOU KNOW THE PEOPLE BEFORE THEY LIKE THIS update because as of now theres something to do EVEN if you are the best player theres something to grind now

  6. I got hacked so I don't care about the update I lost nothing LOL i got hacked right before it happened I like the update!!!

  7. I mean like I like the update but I don’t like how I lost my smelter I worked 5 hours for that smelter and I just lost it and I got 5millon coins now in am 300000

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