The Lonely Island Slipped Jimmy's Name into Every Popstar Press Interview

Andy Samberg presents Jimmy with the gathering of interviews and appearances The Lonely Island slipped his identify into throughout their press tour for Popstar: …

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39 thoughts on “The Lonely Island Slipped Jimmy's Name into Every Popstar Press Interview

  1. If I was an interviewer, This entire compilation could have been one single video
    I would have TOTALLY BOUGHT IT for REALS

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  3. is jimmy a psychopath or something? its weird how he cant figure out how to be normal and his fake laughing is banging a desk twice

  4. Like Jimmy Fallon always says: "You can't teach a horse to read braille"

    …and we try to live by that

    that shit gets me every time XDDD

  5. Of course Jimmy is actually IN the movie – all they really had to do was slip his name into a list of actors/people who did cameos. But they went the extra mile!

  6. What if jimmy just loves to laugh and have a good time but there are so many miserable trolls in the comments that all they can do is accuse him of fake laughing. 🤔 at this point, even if he is fake laughing, the people who “call him out” are more annoying and redundant than any of his laughs.

  7. "How did you do that!?" what, just say your name several times? They did it by saying your name in interviews several times.

  8. It's because no matter how much the youtube comment section makes fun of his laughing, every one who knows him knows hes one of the nicest guys in hollywood!

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