Judd Apatow (Trainwreck, Knocked Up & The 40-Yr-Outdated Virgin) directs Saturday Evening Reside breakout Pete Davidson in a bracing comedy about love, loss and …

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47 thoughts on “The King of Staten Island

  1. This was so great, that my whole entire family watched this together!!
    This never happens as I wish and try, but THIS MOVIE DID THAT!

  2. Omg, just finished it. So, so good. I was hooked from the beginning. Love Pete Davidson even more than I did. So satisfying. Peppered with some extremely funny jokes. Casting was perfect.

  3. Omg, just finished it. So, so good. I was hooked from the beginning. Love Pete Davidson even more than I did. So satisfying. Peppered with some extremely funny jokes. Casting was perfect.

  4. I'm only 45 minutes into the movie, but I had to pause just to say that Zeus is by far my favorite character. I have to see this guy in more movies.

    Edit: Correction, his name is Zoots.

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  6. 1:37
    Steve Buscemi actually was a New York volunteer fireman.
    During September 11th he actually quietly volunteered to be a fireman again to aid in efforts.
    No publicity he just wanted to help his fellow fireman.

  7. I love… love love loooove… how they used Kid Cudi's "Pursuit Of Happiness" song for the trailer 🔥💯

    If you're reading this comment, here's some love for these stressful times.

    Be safe✌🏽

  8. Have thought all of Pete Davidson's work was splendid, since first seeing him a few yrs. back on SNL's Weekend Update. This lovely, powerful movie, just watched again for the third time, brings it all home.
    The photo of him & his father, on the last frame, was sooo bittersweet. Through a traumatic early life til him as an adult now, he discovered a way to channel his gifted energy down the right path and I'm sure has made his pop proud.
    Everything I felt he was, he proved in this remarkable film.
    BRAVO, P.D, . . . . . . . and Bill Burr!!

  9. I fell in love with this the second I noticed the detail of Pete's car having the old NY license plate with the blue city skyline. This was seriously brilliant from start to finish and I hope it gets the attention it deserves

  10. Pete Davidson, you're awesome. Glad to have purchased a rental of this movie. Don't think you'll see my comment, but if you do, Power to ya.

  11. "This looks like a great movie, I think I'll watch it."
    See's rental price
    "This looks like a great movie, but I think I'll go grocery shopping instead today."

    [Edit: Well the good news is it's now five dollars off the rental price now. And you get to buy it. I'll take $15 off the top.]

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