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43 thoughts on “The King of Staten Island – Heroes Are Necessary

  1. The focus of this film
    Is to make money
    By brainwashing you into being guilty for him..
    And his dad dying… The focus aint his dad
    Ask Ariana

  2. Yet Pete shits on folks who want their business to stay open so they can pay their rent and put food on their families tables.

  3. bullshit. firemen jobs are the easiest and safest in the world. 9/11 apart, these guys sit on their asses all day long and get paid tons of money for it.

  4. This movie was something so special that words can't do it justice! I really can't wait to see what Pete does next. Dude is a true genuine human being. I respect the fact that he cherishes his friends and family the way he does. It's rare for people not to change after they make it. Stay 💯 Pete! Respect!

  5. Good on ya, Judd. My father survived 9/11 but was NEVER the same person. This movie helps me to reconcile some of the tougher things.

  6. They really need to work on how they advertise these movies. Promo posters and trailers had me thinking this was about a drug dealer. Had no idea it was about fire fighters

  7. Steve buschemi was a fire fighter before an actor and he worked the days of 9/11 didn’t make a fuss about it didn’t put it on social media just did the job.. class act

  8. My grandpa is a retired smoke jumper and I brought him to see this on his birthday, he loved how well they captured their interactions with each other and that they got 2 real firemen to add to it

  9. Most Hollywood liberal don't get it, "real" firefighters hate fires and other firemen. They prefer to diving into weird stuff like sewing and dog shows.

  10. I loved the fact that Steve Buscemi was an actual firefighter before he became an actor. He even went to ground zero to help, when the twin towers fell. Absolute legend

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  12. I lost all 3 of my uncles in vietnam. And by that means my mother lost three brothers, this hits home. Rather hard.. it's gonna make you cry.

  13. Man just watched this tonight and man… I'm 24 and so was he in the movie. His dad passed away at 7 and mine got divorced when I was 7 and that started a shitshow and eventually I lost my mom. I'm 24 now and since I've been 20 I've been hounded by aunts and uncles to just get a normal job and my dreams are borderline unachievable at my age (what i want is stupid I know but I want to be a hockey referee at a high level, it pays very very well, has full benefits and I absolutely love it. I have started the steps of getting there for being a ref and just took my classes and seminars and training to get my level 2 [there's 4] and reffed for a year so far and got a side job that is flexible but little hours at an ice arena so I can practice when I'm free since I can skate and can take classes for free by working there but also have free time to ref games.) And just like he was, all I have been being told by my aunts and uncles and cousins is why cant i be like my brother because he is going to college. Even though i ran away at 17 from my abusive dad and have been figuring it out on my own since. I joined the Army at 18, got out at 22 (technically still in the IRR for 2 more years but basically thats fancy for done) I can't stand being told I should have just stayed in or to get a labor job and done something with my life. This movie made me cry for sure. Im fun to be around, I party, I have friends who believe in me (not criminal friends though lol) but man his pain, of just wanting to be backed up and accepted for what he has dreams for but being scolded and pushed away by people that should be closest, is close to mine. Never asked for you to give me stuff but all I asked for was you to believe in me and have my back as I try to make something of myself while also loving what I do.

  14. This movie was amazing, ol Billy did great job with the character he played. I was surprised. And he might be the best comedian of right now.

  15. This movie was an utter dumpster fire. Pete Davidson can’t act his way out a paper bag, and Judd Apatow couldn’t lead a fart out of an asshole

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