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32 thoughts on “The Invisible Man

  1. You tube want us to pay for these junky movies that has been seen for free by thousands! good luck with that! I have seen them all ready!

  2. Such a great masterpiece. Claude Rains is the man. Great effects for its day. I stayed up late with my grandpa and saw it when I was five years old and it had a huge impact on me. The new Invisible Man is also thoroughly excellent.

  3. Wonder why they didn't use bloodhounds to track him down, bring him down, and squirt or dust him with something? 🤔

  4. That woman's screeching hysterics in her husband's ear was worse than what the invisible man did to him, in my opinion. 😳😝😫
    The trick with the bicycle moving without a rider was well done. 🚲

  5. I really thought I could find this movie for free I did. But it was like in some random language and I was so mad

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