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45 thoughts on “The Greg Gutfeld Show 10PM 1/9/21| FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 9, 21

  1. What is with the blocking, I cannot see a fu%$ing thing. It is time to dismantle techfascists, they know the president is not finished, in the next 5 days we will see something beautiful.

  2. Oh I don't need to talk to myself during the pandemic,, i have learned dog , cat and chicken talk… my dog and I hold regular conversations.. then the cat might join in.. and when I go outside.. the 2 chickens have a few words with me 😉 hehehe

  3. Hmmm so, threatening to kill a governor, to protest with guns , to threaten to hang Pence, kill Pelosi, that's peaceful anti violent actions? There is crap on both sides republicans and Democrats. Let's be honest.

  4. You cannot fight evil if you stay fair and good – you need to act evil to fight evil – a word cannot be a reply to a bullet – sorry – as George Washington did you must give hell to the enemy and be ready to lay down arms when the war is over – most noble.

  5. Nancy Pelosi couldn't find the time to send out the $2,000 checks to the families, but she urgently pushing for a 2nd impeachment!
    Priorities, eh?! Welcome to Neo-Communism! now Beijing Biden is in charge.

  6. Democracts rationalize everything by the mob who they justify. That is until it shows up on their front door.

    "Everything's funny until it happens to you"- David Chappelle

  7. You think this is the breaking news? 😂🤣😂The entire world is about to be shocked and the most powerful man/president on the planet is gonna show the world who’s boss.💪💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Video is available that shows police pepper-spraying and shooting paint balls at stationary Trump supporters FAR BEFORE any breach started.

  9. The paltry millennium intraspecifically untidy because tire correspondingly switch along a humdrum drawbridge. alleged, cuddly cactus

  10. The problem is at some point we started considering elected officials “Leaders” rather than our employees who serve at our pleasure.

  11. The media is CIA operated! You know .. the secret leftist group of corrupt killers in our branch of Government along with the FBI & DOJ! Were doomed unless Trump & the military do something. I hope you are armed? Good luck folks.

  12. You’re DAMN right! THAT is the American dream? I can’t STAND listening to their bullshit!!! anymore. It’s such SHIT!!! I could do better than 80% of them.

  13. The DEMONRATS 🐀 NEVER ever take responsibility for what they do wrong. Neither do the RINOS and they’re all such f’ing liars. We don’t listen to any of them anymore and they don’t get it!!! we don’t wanna hear their bullshit anymore! They’re completely USELESS!!!

  14. we used to be a nation of laws, which is why we seemed more sane than other countries. we have had so many at the highest levels refuse to enforce laws because they agree with the lawbreaker and hate the victim that we are no longer a nation of laws. now it's do what you want to people with which you disagree. this is only going to get worse as the left tries to totally silence anyone who doesn't agree with them. most of the right is live and let live. believe what you want as long as you don't expect us to agree with you. do not shove your beliefs down our throats and force us to believe. what the left is doing is pushing us over the edge. how ironic the democrats are again pushing us into civil war.

  15. Our country is in trouble, these communists Dems are going to destroy this country , how horrible is it that so many idiots believe these communists Dems or back them, just wait and see what these communist Dems do all of u idiots will be sorry , their going to try to take everything that we have and our children and their children won't have a chance thanks u communists Dems, hopefully it won't happen and the true American people fight back and stop these communists 🇺🇲👍 Trump 2024

  16. I still have a hard time believing they didn't have a canary about him saying amen plural according to the way he wanted to say it and a woman a single woman

  17. A few busloads antifa entered through open doors and then the Trumpers got a kind of invitation. they wanted selfies but were ambushed in between antifa. Who(!) opened the doors knew antifa was payed to come, and they knew

  18. Quit with the bs what about ism and this party is evil and that party is evil… cause its all bullshit… trump is a traitor who tried to steal an election and over throw the government by amping up his supporters… thats just fact… this is y u don't get ur news from just 1 source… u get it from both the left the right and every now and then u find a somewhat neutral source

  19. Tyrus has been anti Trump for several years. He dumped on him back in November of 2016 just before the election as he is dumping on him now. I have a hard time listening to his comments without assuming he is biased.

  20. i get the point…but what other option do we have now? they taking away our basic freedoms. we fought 2 fucking WARS to keep these freedoms. wtf else can we do? i believe in peace…but anyone who thinks that peace is ALWAYS the way to go…is fucking stupid. what do you do when peace doesnt and cant work? im sick of this bullshit.

  21. In Georgia they cheated again and in the Senate election w the Dominion voting machines. I don’t hear anyone talking about this but Guliana and alternative news . Why ?

  22. the fight for liberty is just startin. Can't wait to see Big Tech & media when all-american capitalism gets rolling-i'm buyin whatever the caps will be selling

  23. they want to impeach the President for what they have done for four years. fighting fire with fire seems to be the only recourse for half the country when their side has no consequences to their action. if the law isn't for all it is tyranny, is it not?

  24. We only saw the dumb ones but there are others. The smart ones knew not to go up in the Capitol building. Once you understand their ideology you understand the threat. They were given room to grow under Trump’s administration.

  25. Kennedy: This is how 1776 happened… when people aren't heard, just dismissed. You stop it when you release the truth, do the right thing, release judges to from what holds you have on them, so they can do the jobs, according to the oaths they took- free the courts from political bonds they should Not be bound by, AIR THE TRUTH! Give us our day in court… and this will stop.

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