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21 thoughts on “The Dark Island

  1. Hey, steady on a wee bit, They are still that way inclined. What about the likes of Douglas Henshall? He really does come over as a very kind person and caring as well. What is more, he feels the same unease about Scottish Independence. I myself a Scot owing to my father although I live down in East Anglia which fortunately has a fair number of Scots

  2. The tune is an old one long before it was associated with Benbecula,. However the Island is generally believed to be South Uist, an island in the outer Hebrides. The name actually means the lands beyond the sea.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the Mormon Church for what it actually is. I liked your comment on the video with Glen Beck talking about why he became a Mormon.

  4. It's Jan. 1st, 2010 and this is the first piece of music I hear! An achingly beautiful melody, and not just to an ex-pat like myself. Best wishes to all YouTubers for the new year.

  5. i come from scottish ancestry and i have always wanted to visit Scotland. It looks like a beautiful place, this was a very well put together video.

  6. Christ !
    That made me cry.
    My dad played that on the accordion for many years and that brought back so many memories for me.

    Wonder if your gran & my dad are listening in heaven ?

  7. What a beautiful piece and beautifully arranged and played. These lovely pictures remind me once again of why I'm determined to visit Scotland at least once in this life.

  8. You know it doesn't matter if this tune is played on the Harp, Accordion or the Bagpipes, it is a wonderful tune. Even the Red Hot Chili Pipers did a splendid version. Lovely tune that I think is impossible to play without rousing the Celtic spirits. Thanks for posting

  9. my aunt died from a cancer this last friday..this song make me thought about her…thank you for this song..i love it

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