The Curse of Oak Island: Secret Road Points to a Major Find (Season 8) | History

Whereas excavating a stone pathway, the Oak Island crew stumbles upon a bit of charcoal – presumably linked to proof of a sunken ship, on this clip from Season …

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29 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island: Secret Road Points to a Major Find (Season 8) | History

  1. Who builds a road with rocks so large you can't roll a wheel over them. It looks more like a natural shoreline of rocks, or was rocks scraped and moved by a bulldozer to make way for the modern road.

  2. This is gonna sound crazy… but i think there are at least 2 very ancient ship remnants just off the island, and treasures glitter across the floor of the waters there.. yep sounds nutz

  3. Oak Island is a hoax only gullible people with an IQ under 70 watch, they're never going to find anything as long as people watch it and the second they stop watching they'll find some little piece of nothing to get idiots to watch again

  4. Looks like they found where all the stones went from that Beach with no rocks on it. At least that's seems like a logical explanation why there would be no stones in one place and a bunch in another.

  5. The tresure that they may find at the end of this journey is not what we expect… the true treasure is the adventure, expierience, the thrill, the story, and the friendship that they may really treasure from the rest of their life.

  6. Rick's gonna cry and "dedicate" the sticks and rocks, to the memory of some one, who herded goats on the island 90 years ago, ya know,……for reasons….

  7. Treasure was the main attraction,i guest.anyway i do like the hstorical n archeologycal findings n kept thinking of the next quest it they really do crack this case n so the journey can continue..

  8. One thing I do not get is why did they skip around over the years? Why not start at one place and exhaust all possibilities in that area first before moving on?

  9. Taj kamen je iz brodova balans to drvo je od broda nasukali su najveci prod u to uvali i sa broda pokidali svu gradju…puno srece gledam vass godinama

  10. Come on people !, no body go trough all that work for just camping even if there is no treasures it worth the investigation

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