The Curse of Oak Island: NEW SHAFT DISCOVERY Reveals Valuable Evidence (Season 8) | History

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45 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island: NEW SHAFT DISCOVERY Reveals Valuable Evidence (Season 8) | History

  1. Years of test bore holes 🕳 I wish they’d get permission to just Strip Mine the area around the Money Pit. One big dig, screen it out and be done already. To me that seems like the most effective & efficient way to find whatever is down there.

  2. for 5 minutes you waste your time watching this
    spoilers just a nail
    any time from roman days to the late 1700 that what he said

  3. The only curse is the one some witch laid on the History channel that made them stop producing quality history documentaries and start pumping out the lowest quality bullshite possible.

  4. I can't believe this farce is STILL going. To call it a wild goose chase is an insult to geese. This show makes Finding Bigfoot look like Masterpiece Theater.

  5. We’ve spent $20 million trying to find $10 million, but what we’ve actually found is some mulch, a really old button and some old nails 👍🏻

  6. I thought Rick and Marty actually stood for something but it's obvious "Greed" wins again . The almighty dollar ………

  7. Rick and Marty are sell outs ! They are going along with this sham that's being perpetrated on the world . The real treasure is their pay checks . How much money does one person need .

  8. Man made, 300 years old, and 100 feet down. Gotta hand it to those old-timers, when they built things they lasted, and when they didn't want something found, they made sure they wouldn't be.

  9. How about we release the next episode once they actually find the treasure. Its like finding Bigfoot but with a mystery treasure that will be proven

  10. This show is still on? Oh man. When i used to watch this show on tv, I'd fast forward to the last 5 mins of the episode. Only part that reveals anything good

  11. Oh please. I have found literally hundreds of square nails from sites dating to the mid to late 1800's. They were not exclusive to the 1700's and older. What a bunch of drama queens paid by the Hysterical Channel to keep the show going.

  12. I say what you're looking for is now underwater because of sea levels Rising so what are you looking for is going to be out under that water which you'll never find

  13. What a dumb show!
    I live in the maritime's and I can assure you if they would of found something of significance. The province would hear about it.
    You guys watching this thinking their gonna find some sort of treasure ? Lol

    IMO show sucks
    Time to wrap it up and give a spot to someone else.

  14. The treasures curse is that everyone who watches this show will never see the treasure found. 25 seasons later and they still keep finding mud and dirt.

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