The Curse of Oak Island: Mysterious Digging Tool Exposes New Finds (Season 8) | History

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46 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island: Mysterious Digging Tool Exposes New Finds (Season 8) | History

  1. This should be called the "Curse of Rick and Marty Show" for bull $hi++ing for a whole hour and waisting people time. This show has become one big pile of BS!!!!

  2. It was declared "a digging tool," but it is also used for erecting buildings – houses and barns. So what is the probability? Maybe a well was being dug?

  3. Im waiting for Nicolas Cage to come out from around the corner and raveal this is the plot for National Treasure 3 lol…..

  4. Hasta cuando van a seguir los de history con los capítulos. Una persona en Europa con un detector encuentra mas oro romano en un día q ustedes en 6 añ

  5. I record every show and fast forward beyond the BS which is most of the show. Gary should sew a huge pocket on his shirt and stick his bobby-dazzler head in it, along with the announcer. Someone should make a talking bobble head for Gary.

  6. Not one specialist has said old ways for melting metal, smiddys existed for years, the Chinese, India,
    The world delt on the Island, Tunnels from the swamp, that is why they called them flood tunnels, S. Ball must have been so Ritch, that Island is so mysterious, men of many talents, they must have important people, Ball accomplished so much, Remember that man had a hard life, he deserved it,
    Sorry so do you all.

  7. That idiot saying a plumb bob helps find depth is just another element to that questions the legitimacy of this show lol

  8. They have a lot of spots they need to investigate. Yes It’s a small Island but a lot of area. So keep doing what you do so I can continue watching this show…..

  9. I have been watching every time you are on. Wow lts so awesome there is one symbol that has shown up alot it's a triangle with an arrow pointing to the bottom right point.l think that is a very interesting location. I would study that area extensively. It may not be X marks the spot but the arrow pointing the way

  10. These guys are crazy. There is treasure out-there that is FACTUAL and DEFINITE.
    This guy is spending his life, and his brothers fortune, looking for something that may not even f'n EXIST.

  11. I think this metal detectorists guy makes a big deal out of every little thing that he finds cuz he likes getting that big paycheck. This thing looks like an old counterweight that was used for those old wood-frame windows

  12. I think the comments on these Oak Island videos are written by the dumbest people on all of YouTube, have a read and you will understand. Moronic

  13. Could this be. My kids now say this about things. Don't know how people could still be watching this show knowing everything may be evidence.

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