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6 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island ( January 10 2021) Remote Control

  1. "I saw something yellow on the seabed / swap floor …. "
    Everyone: "It's gold."

    "We saw a fragment of stone being chipped off and fall down a water shaft.."
    Everyone: "It's a coin"..
    "Lets put the majority of the budget on digging deep and scanning and diving in the water." … find nothing.
    Gary Metal detector guy on the ground on $200 / day: "Look i found an ancient coin !".

  2. This is why I think this show is just a money grab…no way he would drop that coin…I knew that was going to happen when they sent him down there…very predictable

  3. Just drop a pipe down and dredge bottom since everytime diver goes down shaft the video footage is typically garbage, fragmented, out of focus, cloudy, and questionable as if its scripted this way on purpose to keep viewers guessing and dissorinted from lack of seeing any creditable details

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