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12 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island ( January 03 2020) Water Logged

  1. Let's think out side the box what if the map is a part there are more maps lets say that pirates look at more pirates maps to say there were more than 1 group look at other pirates for more info at that time frame

  2. Hey this show still exists ? I gave up on it on season 3 I believe lol. Kinda like Finding Bigfoot it's a wild goose chase lol

  3. watched for years, its pointless now they don't find shit. they drag it on..I guess to pay for the show but lost interest. gotta be the stupidest dragged out show history has ever played.. and you..we all know they ain't gonna find shit!!!

  4. That big stone they get out the swamp was there things on it to ? Stone marking ? Or could it of bin the 9 ft stone that they bin looking for ?

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