The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 8, Episode 9 | Rock, Paper, Serpents

Spoilers forward! The workforce makes a connection between serpent worshippers and the Templars. How does all of it tie collectively? Discover out now! Make sure you try …

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19 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 8, Episode 9 | Rock, Paper, Serpents

  1. You are extremely talented to be able to produce a humorous Recap out of just mud and rocks. A big Thank You for the Recaps.

  2. I was a few minutes away from the Serpent Mounds today. I didn't see a wharf, coal, pottery, coins, treasure, nazi gold, Jimmy Hoffa or Waldo. I'll keep looking.

  3. that pile of dirt… ground
    covering….between the swamp
    and the money pit?
    And no one has EVER seen it
    I guess if they asked nicely
    I could believe for half a sec
    that Robert Dunfield never
    existed, and wasn't that area
    the one formally known as
    his spoils pile…? (asking for
    a friend.) ✌️

  4. At some point in the future, it will be discovered that the items of value and cultural significance were completely destroyed by the Lagina's drilling.

  5. Ultimately oak Island is were the first humans settled, also tied into the true garden of Eden.

    "I want to believe"
    Fox Mulder.

  6. The Curse of Nothing Island , SMH , I kind of want my 1:44 back!, hate to think how you feel since you actually had to watch the show , bet you want your what, 93 hours(almost 4 days) back for the 8 seasons you've endured.

  7. Thanks for saving my time and mind melting dumbness of watching this silly show. Literally the biggest waste of time on tv. I think you can get more enjoyment out of watching drying paint. It's just so stupid.

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