The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 8, Episode 13 | The Fellowship of the Ringbolt

Spoilers forward! Gary finds a number of new iron artifacts within the swamp. What does he get? Discover out now! Make sure you take a look at the earlier Oak Island In a Rush …

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27 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 8, Episode 13 | The Fellowship of the Ringbolt

  1. Amateur treasure hunters. These guys know nothing. Here's a tip guy's. You have Samuel Balls foundation now walk 25 feet out and probe for the privys the old outhouse holes. That's where you will find a dropped coin bottle or something they didn't want anyone to find. Smh

  2. Every week I hope something happens that's VERY SIGNIFICANT!, A GAME CHANGER, an IMPORTANT DISCOVERY!, and every week nothing happens, no matter how many times brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, metal detection expert Gary Drayton, their partner Greg Testor, or Jack Begley, say different, then the show is over, then the next week I repeat, oh, and their partner Greg Testor did it again, on a zoom call, then five minutes later he's out checking rocks, wood, and dirt, telling the others how SIGNIFICANT it is, he's fast

  3. I tried to watch, fell asleep again. Between the recaps, intros, and the commercials, I dont think there is any content. You would think that Gary has had enough time to scan the whole island by now…geez. Thanks for taking one for the team and watching this show

  4. Hiltnerds, you are now in charge of strategy for the fellowship. Please report to the War Room ASAP. I can hear the History channel's narrator now… "An excavator? To scrape away 5 feet of earth?"

  5. I think eye bolts are not top pocket finds. They are trouser pocket finds that Gary stuffs in his pants to impress the ladies at the pub in the evenings.

  6. No top pocket find no watching TV show 🙂 Since all the diging was basically total fail and nothing showed the Oak Island hoax was real I am surprised about why the Laguna bros are still digging over and over

  7. Aren't they supposed to be looking for some kind of treasure? Finding the money pit was their main priority I thought. This may be just a cash-grab from 'Discovery' for the brothers and associates.

  8. Thanks for nothing. I mean thanks for talking about nothing. I mean thanks for talkin about a show that covered nothing. You know what I mean. And thanks for the recap in a rush.

  9. It takes me about 5 minutes to watch your 1.5 minute Recaps. I have to pause the video while I burst out laughing from your snarky comments. Great job! Thanks.

  10. I broke my coffee mug in the backyard, Three hundred years from now will someone link "the pottery bits" to the Templars because of the Buccaneers logo on it?

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