The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 6, Episode 21 | Seismic Matters

Spoilers forward! To the swamp they go … with dynamite! What is going to they discover? Discover out now! And do not forget to look at the earlier episodes of The Curse of Oak …

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24 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 6, Episode 21 | Seismic Matters

  1. Boring comenter thank god you dont have lots of views lmao still have faith in humanity haha stop listening after 10 sec and now i know you suck ass ill never be on your videos again lmao

  2. I wonder( not really) how much actual money has been pissed away on this nonsense?, I barely can watch anymore,and I've gotten good at yelling the questions out before the narrator, after all these years, you'd think he'd be tired of the questions, a rock?. A button?, a piece of wood,? A constellation virgo?, Due the furtive glances at one another, thanks again for the laughs, oh, is it possible the number is borrowed from turd hoffdouche, negative infinity?

  3. If they found something it might never be revealed until the authorities divvy it up or claim it's historical artifacts and send it to a museum..!

  4. While the production is not very good, with the repeating and all that.."Is it a lost Roman treasure?" And next week "could it be Vikings?". There's a a really good story within it of the hidden the treasure of friendship, quest and searching for an answer. As concluded by this weeks episode there's real physical history in Smith's cove, no doubt about it. Why it was all built, is anyone's guess, I heard it might have been a secret fishing habour, a tax dodge if you like. I would like the brothers to find treasure or even something more interesting they deserve it.

    Real archeology is slow and pain staking work and the production company are trying to spice things up…..but you have two choices watch it or don't.

  5. please do Dozer Dave's new show. I watched the first 45 minutes of the 1st show, and it looks like they took everything wrong with Gold Rush and duplicated it. I just can't watch.

  6. All joking aside, Dr. Laroque of U of S makes an interesting statement when he says that answering one question raises two or three others.  What nearly everyone has forgotten is that back in 1997, a serious, no-nonsense one-hour Documentary, "The Curse Of Oak Island", was broadcast by Discovery Channel which centered around the research done by the Geological Survey of Canada, a branch of the Canadian Federal government.  Of note, the Survey's mapping of Mahone Bay in the vicinity of Oak Island determined that the sea level surrounding the island is rising approximately 30 centimetres (12 inches) every one hundred years.  This is very important in light of the findings by Dr. Laroque.  The Discovery Channel Documentary confirmed that the entire shoreline and beach at Smith's Cove had been man-made by virtue of what was originally discovered below the artificial beach back in the 1800's (i.e., the five box drains).  The findings concluded that what was done at Smith's Cove was a major mining and marine engineering project.  Back in 1997, no one knew of what was buried beneath Smith's Cove up to ten feet in depth, except for the box drains and the part of the U-shaped structure that Dan Blankenship uncovered, nor did anyone know when the project was done.  Now we finally know!  What really puzzles me is that I thought for sure that the Smith's Cove workings were done in the ancient past when water levels were much lower and Smith's Cove was dry land.  Clearly this is not the case.  If those workings were done around 1769 or so, then Smith's Cove would be basically like it is today as far as the high and low water line.  So, in order for "whoever" to construct everything "for whatever reason" up to ten feet deep beneath Smith's Cove, "they" would have had to somehow "hold the Atlantic Ocean back" while "they" did the construction, then upon completion, design and build an artificial beach which consisted of untold tons of sand, layers of coconut fiber and layers of stones to conceal what "they" built.  Once the artificial beach was completed, the Atlantic Ocean was "released back" to the shore and the box drain booby trap was set for anyone in the future who might discover it—- but for what reason???  And how was this accomplished if the sea level at Smith's Cove was basically the same in 1769 as it is today???  This is still mind-boggling and, as Dr. Laroque says, the findings raise even more questions about Smith's Cove and what was constructed there.  "Someone" went to an awful lot of trouble to conceal something of apparently great importance beneath Oak Island not all that long ago (i.e., approximately 250 years ago or so) and the 1997 Discovery Channel Documentary stated that Smith's Cove wasn't constructed by pirates as the project was way beyond the scope of pirates.  The job now is to find and carefully excavate the exact location of the Money Pit, remove the alleged Chappel Vault and its contents, have said contents thoroughly examined by archaeologists, scientists and geophysicists, and determine what was so important to be buried deep underground on Oak island that it had to be protected by such elaborate workings at Smith's Cove and possibly other yet to be discovered locations on Oak Island.  Maybe there is no "treasure" per se— maybe it is a tomb of someone prominent in history.  It's anybody's guess,  but I hope the brothers and all those involved in the search can finally solve the Oak Island mystery as to "who", "what" and "why".  Sorry so Lengthy.

  7. Biggest boon doggle ever. The real question is who is financing all of the searches. No one in their right mind would sink a dime in a lost treasure that is truly lost.

  8. Its getting more and more stupid watching Oak Island . Random digging random guessing zero results will they laguna idiots ever will give up?

  9. Speaking of wild goose chases, I caught an epiosde of The Lost Gold of World War II, goodness me, they must be taking their cue from the Hoffmans with the wild theories thrown around in this show. You could get good mileage from this show!

  10. “So what happened?” As usual, nothing happened. Amazing you are, being able to make an entertaining 2 minute Recap from – nothing!

  11. I remember when TLC, history, animal planet, and discovery had useful information and taught you how to fix things. You left the T.V. with knowledge. Now its Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone's secret uncrackable Safe every f*cking night! The United States government put an end to saterday morning cartoons in the 90's but this mindless shit gets season after season! The Kardashians are 15 seasons strong but destroy He-man, GI Joe, and the X-men. Thats the problem. The Future is stupid

  12. The narrative that they might actually find something that would offset the financial hole they dug themselves faded away many years ago. Now it's about the talent fees they can earn by maintaining the pretense.

  13. This is one show I just let you watch for me. At least on Gold Rush they have a chance of finding something. Thanks.

  14. So I have a new mystery. What is ILT? are we doing oak island in a rush was in a rush? Your humor was spot on again. I love these.. Let's do Dave Turin goes from Dozer Dave to Drama Actor Dave next!

  15. And I might be stating the obvious here but back in the 1700s it would have taken at least 20 years to build the BS tunnels and etc that these guys are talking about being down there, if not more!!

  16. Ok hold ON!! They didn't find millions upon millions in ancient gold again this week??!!! What the F!!! Ok I'm sure it has to be next week riiiight??!! Its the final episode! Ok so next WEEK FOR SURE!! Can't wait, all this work is finally gonna pay off!! Btw I heard the 1700 is when all the really good gold was buried not during that crummy Templar period!! 😉

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