The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 6, Episode 17 | Clue or False

Spoilers forward! A brand new shaft will get opened, however what do they discover? Discover out now! And do not forget to look at the earlier episodes of The Curse of Oak Island in a …

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19 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush) | Season 6, Episode 17 | Clue or False

  1. Two thumbs down.your a paracite. Your talking shit about Rick and Marty. How dare you..a geuss a fucking geuss. I dont think so .its called a hypothesis. Ahaahahahhaha just kidding around.all good. I do need a job if anyone is hireing.

  2. If they dig deep enough maybe they can find the gold from Hoffman crew!! Get on! They need the money !!

  3. The whole theory about ancient manuscripts is bs because if whoever supposedly built the shaft with the supposed secret flood tunnels was smart enough to build all that i guarantee he was smart enough to know He would ruin all them paintings and books. I think if there ever was treasure it isn't any of the ones they claim it could be and it is long gone cause Samuel ball got it and that is why he became so rich after he moved to oak island

  4. I think everyone is missing the obvious solution to the bones found at the Money Pit. Have you noticed that the Hoffman crew is nowhere to be found on Gold Rush this season? Todd Hoffman would obviously spend tons of money looking for gold in a place where nobody else has ever found anything before. That probably wasn't leather they found either…just scraps of Todd's old greasy "316 Mining" shirt!

  5. You saved me this week. I did not watch before your recaps. I think I've figured the whole thing out……the bros keep drilling holes……the island sinks…… new series begins….. Diving for possible, perhaps, maybe, could it be treasure. Thanks again as always

  6. Oh boy now we are gonna have to hear how Dan Blankenship was the final curse victim and how it's game on now because the curse is over!!!!!!!

  7. I think you're on to something with your romeo and juliet theory I never believed that whole suicide story for a minute!!!

  8. I'm intrigued by the economics of reality TV. In this one they spend a bundle and find nothing. On gold rush they spend a bundle but find some gold. On Storage Wars they spend nothing, other than talent fees which I assume are common to all but find nothing. On Forged in Fire the prize in 10k which seems very cheap.

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