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27 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island ( December 31 2020) The Lucky Thirteen

  1. Omg more wood 😆I loved this show but now it’s just getting stupid , there’s more proof that some sort of treasure was already found

  2. Keep bringing up clues, put it together find the right answers, and the swamp looks like a pointer, but to what, I don't have a clue.

  3. I think all the work that was done in the swamp in the past is because the sunken ship was still visible, and they tried to get to the cargo hold and see if there was any treasure, but now after so many years the ship is buried under several feet of mud.

  4. Those two guys are digging for years and have found NOTHING. I would have given up 'till now. Boring shit, nothing ever happens.

  5. This should be called the "Curse of Rick and Marty Show" for bull $hi++ing for a whole hour and waisting people time. This show has become one big pile of BS!!!! I like how they say now let's recap, WHAT the whole dam thing is a recap. I don't know how many days it took to make this episode? from Ricks hair it was five months.

  6. I think its a distraction point. I don't think significant finds will be found unfortunately. Which is awful considering the time and money the brothers have invested. But, it keeps the hope alive. Good luck guys. I hope you get some kind of return

  7. well, the bottom line is that there IS something there. Who would go to such an effort & work and NOT hide anything?

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