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13 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island 2021 🙋👉 Bone Dry 🙋👉 New Season 2021

  1. stay at 150 feet dont go dipper your going to deep for that time all all mines were never be on 100 to 150feet anything dipper is for sure a sucher tundel do check and u fine u are going to deep your T is about 130 to 150 feet and its there going to bed rock its nuts nuts nuys grand pa gordon

  2. I would not be hunting on land if there. Is a tunnel it will be in the water I would move off land 30 feet all around the island go down about 15 feet deep and use sonar you would find a tunnel going in to the land????????

  3. Watched a good few seasons..all the way up to when the diver went down the shaft and started losing interest but looking forward to see if anything is acctually buried there

  4. One piece of pottery cold have came from the first time the drill bit hit the ground. I'm thinking that if it was down that far they are digging in a out house hole. If it was sandy flood water would have made it sink deep.

  5. Everyone is bitching about the editing, so the solution is those who are bitching should start doing what this guy is doing. He is protecting his ass so he doesn't get copyright infringement charges. So please those bitching start editing the show for all the rest of us. If it works well great hopefully you get success as a U toober <—– a form of editing lol. Peace

  6. I would like to watch this, BUT, the way these videos are purposely compromised to change it, presumably, to assure that the video is not taken down, because it's not the original, makes trying to watch it impossible. IMO, Priyo Tomi, you're wasting your time. You are making these videos into nothing but trash that can not be enjoyed.

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