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49 thoughts on “Thailand's #1 Tourist Island is a Ghost Town

  1. Hmm, this is a carbon copy of your previous video. From
    "Look at me going to Robin Hood island. I've got the whole ocean to myself"
    "Look at me, on the best beach in Thailand and I've got it all to myself".

  2. I've never seen Ao Nang beach that empty…wow! I'm currently in Da Nang and things here are better than that and it's cold here.

  3. Man that brings back memories! Ao nang and Krabi beach was the same place we visited in 1999. The Main Street in Ao Nang was about 20 shops and had dirt roads leading into them. It was a great place to visit and cheap, some of the best food I’ve had OS. We met a fellow Aussie in Ao Nang Neville who was in the process of developing it from a little place into a great tourist destination. Looks like he made some progress.

  4. It's just sad. It's the same way here in the States. Suicides/over doses are literally out pacing the wuflu deaths. They are killing this country for something that's no worse than a hangover. We've all had it and are fine just like 99.9 of everyone. There's a bigger plan here and we ar3nt part of it.

  5. Brother when are you getting a Mrs. Chad? You'd have a lot more fun with a friend and it'd be a great addition to your channel. Just saying. PHAWKBIDEN&THEDEMOCRAT PARTY. TRAITORS.

  6. In 1992 I arrived on Phi Phi Island and there was no cell phone service, no electricity, no hotels (only bungalow's along the lagoon), no nothing and I loved it. There were barely any tourists at that time. From what I see in your video it's been completely ruined from what it was…a nice quiet place to visit. So very sad indeed.

  7. Man, when I end up heading that way… I'd pay extra to have it like that. Lol.
    Have had trips and outings ruined by hoards of drunk people and overcrowded hot spots. I just like to relax, chat with a few locals and take it all in.

  8. I can tell you, thats a F(Boo!)ing lot better than the last time i saw Phi Phi. Two weeks after the Asian Tsunami, and they were still pulling bodies out of the rubbish in the streets. They were easier to find, because you could smell them….Almost everything you see there didnt exist then.
    It was almost completely flat. The wave hit, went over the island, hit the mainland, and came back over the island.
    Thais wouldnt go there because the people didnt die right, most the cleanup was done by backpackers, and the occasional Thai Muslim, who didnt share the beliefs about bad spirits.
    Most those boats were in the water, i have pictures of them somewhere.
    Quick story. Some of the boat engines were repaired by a team of Falang mechanics.
    When they went in the water, the engines were pretty f(boo!)ed, and they were put back together better than they were pre Tsunami.
    Soon after, the Thais were seen to be tipping nice, salty, corrosive seawater over the boat engines.
    Curious to know why, the mechanics asked them, and got told it was because the boats were going so much better now, after being in the water, so they thought the sea water was good for the engines….. Gotta love them..
    It truely was a fucking tragic time. I was in Chiang Mai when it happened. The true horror of it didnt hit me till years later, and it makes me feel bad just thinking about Tsunamis. I really dont know if id rather that again, or Covid. Neither are good, but i seem to be kind of OK with Covid, Tsunamis still fill me with horror.

  9. Hi mate I am sure for all the expats who live over in Thailand or for who is every there at this time,Thailand would be good at this time as for hotel deals and nice and quiet.Lets hope we can come back soon for a holiday.

  10. First time I was on Phi phi, back in April of 2004, it had very little in terms of shops, hotels and stuff like that.

  11. Hey Chad you're right it's very dead and sad to see it but have some fun my friend!!! Thanks again. Stay safe. From the US

  12. you are missing the point Chad. The hustle and bustle of Koh Phi Phi IS the island's charm. Busy streets with shops open and colourful merchandise, bars packed and bumping, meeting different people from around the world, crowded-yet-festive Reggae Bar giving way free buckets of alcohol to volunteer Muay Thai fighters, etc.
    If you want relaxing and relatively empty serene beaches, you would go to more remote islands further south.
    However, if you go snorkeling at Shark Point at Koh Phi Phi now, i'll bet you can see a ton of sharks!!!

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