Texas' Underregulated Energy Grid Responsible For Millions Without Heat, Electricity | NBC News NOW

NBC Information’ Josh Lederman explains why Texas’ privately managed energy grid is answerable for leaving tens of millions of residents with out energy after a …

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30 thoughts on “Texas' Underregulated Energy Grid Responsible For Millions Without Heat, Electricity | NBC News NOW

  1. I feel proud to be a Canadian. -20C is normal for us. We wear shorts in-door, lol. Want to buy energy from us. Oh yeah, Biden just cancelled our pipe line project. Too bad. Can't help you now, super power.

  2. Most of the people live in urban areas that have been overdeveloped. The road systems are constantly under construction and mass transit is a joke. Most Texans are just that by residency. If they are native it is second or third-generation city dwellers with no survival skills. The metropolitan neighborhoods are full of people that can't drive in the rain, can't cook a meal unless it is out of a package or frozen, and have no idea how to prepare for cold weather. These people are helpless.

  3. So Texas wanted to dodge federal regulators so they didn’t have to spend more money to winterize its power grid since Texas practically never snows so it would be a waste of money

    Who would have thought

  4. NASA is Deep State, they do weather manipulation ….they planned it, orchestrated and executed! The problem reaction solution dictate!! Remember Biden saying "Dark Winter?" Well you got the blackouts too!!

  5. Its ok texas, you have nothing but heros that take the lead, and blames no one but themselves in time of trouble, like cruz, and crenshaw heroes of the Alamo.😅🤣😂😆

  6. blaming green energy, when they are using cheap turbine with no de-icing or no measures to counter this kind of cold weather. 'You get for what you pay for'

  7. A shout out from West Texas, shut your freaking lying mouth Jesse Waters at Fox Republican Propaganda News. This was not a green deal problem, this was a Republicans not listening and taking responsibility problem. Opinion news sucks, do you idiots do any research before you open your big mouths? Talk about a bunch of overpaid morons. Do Texas a favor, go hang out with Cruz in Mexico if he’s still there. I hope they keep both of you.

  8. I shouldn't laugh because it really is a big deal for people who live in climates not prepared for this… but the person trying to clear snow from their driveway with a pickaxe really got me.

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  10. The lawmakers of Texas are fleecing the people of Texas that is why they don't want federal regulation. The lawmakers of Texas don't want regulations so they can cut corners and rip people off…simple.

  11. NASA Landed another Rover on Mars no problem but Texas's lawmaker's independent energy grid can't deal with cold weather? Houston you have a problem.

  12. Excuses, the whole storm was engineered to further scare the US Paving the way to the NWO. The more scared we are they figure the more attractive mr. Fix it all we'll look

  13. Been below zero for a week in wisconsin, 73degrees in the houae and no water outages because our water mains are six feet deep. No sorry for you texans wanting to save a few bucks.

  14. Even if a cold spell happens less than 0.1% of the time….when it does,

    Basic survivability becomes 99.9% of the priority.

    Winterization…what has happened, is going to happen again

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