Texas energy prices soar as the state is hit by severe winter storm

At the very least 15 individuals have died and hundreds of thousands are going through energy outages for a 3rd straight day as traditionally chilly climate places strain on the area’s power …

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25 thoughts on “Texas energy prices soar as the state is hit by severe winter storm

  1. Its hard to not feel for those suffering but at the same time this state…Texas…

    Denied climate change for decades

    Unregulated power grid… we don't need the rest of the country.

    Criticized and blamed California about everything…without looking in their own back yard first.

    Led the lawsuits against our own election..

    Now they're gouging the electric bill prices into the $$$thousands on their own people that they failed…incredible. what a system.

    Is where the absolute corrupt company ENRON came from

    Did little to nothing when hurricane Harvey hit, I was in Houston when it happened…they had days or warnings but just scoffed at it. Not one person was told to evacuate beforehand.

    Apparently, the leadership skips town when their people are freezing to death…

    And now will take government funds along with fema help but yell socialism at the left…

    Hypocrisy people. Look closely at your leadership….

    Be safe, stay warm.

  2. I've heard sometimes prices rising during a crisis is sometimes good because if the risk is high the supplier has to be compensated otherwise they won't go. Not sure if that applies here.

  3. Power comp got Exactly what they've been wishing for so they can make more m9ney .Republicans always preaching about a capitalised society which equals they dont giv a darn about you

  4. An 11-year-old boy died in an unheated Texas mobile home. Authorities suspect hypothermia

    Even though he was still in bed after 2 p.m. on Tuesday under a pile of blankets in their unheated mobile home in Conroe, Tex., Maria Elisa Pineda wasn’t concerned when she checked on her son. After all, Cristian Pavon, 11, was known for sleeping in, his mother told Univision.Biden revokes Trump order that shielded U.S. power grid from Chinese involvement

    by Jeffrey Swindoll

  5. Hey went thru a ice storm up here several years ago lost power here for over a week. Did not get any gov assistance. Also did not receive national coverage this has. I don’t want the gov any more involved in my life. The more the gov gets involved in saying there helping it only drive up costs

  6. Elect clowns as your leader, get a circus. When will people learn the GOP and it's leadership are morally bankrupt buffoons. This will never get better until you vote them all out, end of story.

  7. I have an idea let’s vote for more Republicans that lie cheat steal and hurt the voters that elect them! Republicans are racist idiots in a cult and a danger to our democracy

  8. Wow, its almost like the north endures stuff like this and WORSE every year 😐 Texas experiences it once and its the end of the world 😂

  9. Theory of Texas Power Grid Failure:

    While “officials” blame the current ice-age weather crisis (in Texas) on climate change due to global warming, many people who live there are saying that the snow that they are encountering “ain’t natural.” In other words, the freezing weather conditions and snow surge in Texas may be the result of weather manipulation and/or weather weaponization by the controllers (ruling elite). According to the Fullerton Informer, the Texas power grid failed because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to accomplish a major weather catastrophe. He further states that modern day weather patterns are heavily dictated by “electromagnetically induced” scaler waves in the air caused by the dispersion of electromagnetic nano-magnetic particles by aircraft.

  10. This is an attack on gas. They’re trying to make gas look bad so that people are forced to replace all of their appliances to electric under Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Many people survived the freezing weather because they had a gas fireplace and a gas stove.

  11. Sorry Texas.. #biden killed 50+/- Texans by NOT allowing the TX power companies INCREASE their Power after asking a week Prior. #biden DOE 202 02.14.0211 Executive Order told TX to "use" outside Low Emissions First. The "green sources" that didn't work.  More proof? Just look at next months utility bill.

  12. Electric Companies are taking advantage of this, some may just don't care. But stop blaming capitalism for a poor infrastructure your state government failed to develop against natural disasters

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