The primary video made by Edward Qu, a Chinese language tea reviewing specialist and a winemaking pupil. This video will embrace: A quick performed tea ceremony present with …

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12 thoughts on “Tea Discovery

  1. Great video! And I enjoyed the fountain pen part as well. Would you mind typing the Chinese writing here? I'd like to research and practice the calligraphy of it.

  2. Love this brother! Great job. I really enjoyed you using the ink pen! Looking forward to more videos from you 🙂 cheers

  3. Fascinating! This lecture not.only explain the brief history.of tea history, also very humorous. Like your tea room setting! Thank you, Edward! For sucb a great job! Looking forward for more coming videos.

  4. Wow, this video blew my mind! GREAT JOB, Edward. Not only is this video informative, but it's also easy to follow. I am surprised by the amount of knowledge I obtained in this 8 minute video. Keep up the good work!!

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