TBS Discovery Pro Gimbal Build – Detailed How to – That HPI Guy

Bought from: Here’s a detailed “how you can construct” for the TBS Discovery Professional Gimbal. Lots of people have …

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37 thoughts on “TBS Discovery Pro Gimbal Build – Detailed How to – That HPI Guy

  1. Awesome how to video. Thanks for your help.  Looked at all the parts and thought, This was going to be quite some work.  You made it quite easy.  Much Mahalo,  Thanks again.  and Aloha.

  2. Good video… I have TBS Discovery, not PRO… Can i install this gimbal on my TBS Discovery or this possible only on Discovery PRO?

  3. Great vid! when you put the gopro into the gimbal frame did you add any spacers or damping around the camera? mine seems to be loose … Cheers

  4. I am curious what criteria you used to choose that array and configuration of dampers on the mount- I know you didn't just go for a color scheme- the durometers are different I assume?

  5. I noticed no Loctite is being used except for one grub screw?? Any reason that BLUE Loctite is not applied on every screw??

  6. I really enjoy your videos. I do have a request for a future video.

    I bought a TBS Discovery Pro RTF. It came with ezUHF radios. I have a Futaba T14SG Tx. This is my first time working with the ezUHF radios so my question is about how to setup my Futaba T14SG to work with the ezUHF radios with particular attention to the settings on the Futaba. 

  7. Thanks for that ,I need replacements and cant find them anywhere. Any ideas or can you sell me some I pay for postage ..help  

  8. This video was perfect. Followed along to it last night, assembling my new Disco Pro. Was thinking assembling the gimbal would be the hard part. This made it infinitely easier. Thank you.

  9. Great content on the build. Thanks V. much. One QQ? Is there a reason why you choose the red and orange dampers as apposed to the yellow and green?

  10. Very nice, How much time have to pass to build it ? and is it strong ? and what is the music of this video and the video of the DJI phamtom /watch?v=ErJUpK01lxs ?

  11. Exceptional tutorial vid. Best and clearest I have seen. Fancy doing one on the EzOSD installation, and setup with an iPhone/computer on the disco pro?

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