Tata Harrier vs Land Rover Discovery Sport | Two Different SUV Cut from The Same Cloth | evo India

What can we count on from the Tata Safari 2021 to be launched on Republic Day? (What was earlier referred to as Tata Gravitas or the Harrier 7 seater ). To seek out out we …

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23 thoughts on “Tata Harrier vs Land Rover Discovery Sport | Two Different SUV Cut from The Same Cloth | evo India

  1. 19:52 I too would be distracted when crossing 3 fuel laden lorries on Indian highways /
    Also, the sunroof-moonroof ( 5:17 )point is so valid. I have never expected this point to be brought out by any other mag.

  2. The harrier is a good car but I feel tata motors should work on the interior,mainly the dashboard area needs to be sorted infotainment system layout and more sleeker infotainment system and needs a 360 camera and some driver oriented features… which will make it better.

  3. Suggestions –
    1. Mate please turn the music off on the voiceover so we can hear the noise level in the cabins for both the cars and not just the Harrier, makes that one sound noisier by default.
    2. Show the bloody fake exhaust tips when you're talking about them.
    3. Please for the love of God show the cars more than your face. By the end of the video I'm sure everyone can tell the features of your speedmaster better than that of the cars. For inspiration watch a video done by some car designers or sketch artists critiquing styling. There's so much to show and talk about on these things without being too technical.

  4. Guys please share videos of this channel. Thanks for giving us videos like this.👍👍

    Amazingly explained, one of the underrated auto channel. Guys give this channel a boost, a genuine request for the viewers.

  5. There is no way that handbrake can be rid off by tatamotors, that's actually where the name 'harrier' is derived from.

  6. Gravitas has been renamed as safari, kinda disappointed though, i thought tata would use the concept shown at auto expo for the safari

  7. LED headlights sucks! Take it from a user. It's good to blind the incoming traffic. You'll know you screwed up when you are on a highway without streetlights and reflectors. Because of the white light it becomes really hard to know where the road ends!! It gets even worse in foggy conditions. It's like a white wall in front of you!! It looks cool and all but not at all practical.

  8. This is misleading, the new discovery sport doesn't have the same platform as harrier. Tata used platform which was ditched by land rover in harrier.

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