Tammy Bruce: Media is complicit in Cuomo nursing home cover-up

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce joins ‘Fox Information Primetime’ to debate newest report detailing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s try to “cover” nursing residence …

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39 thoughts on “Tammy Bruce: Media is complicit in Cuomo nursing home cover-up

  1. Defund Disney, Lucasfilm, Hollywood and Big Tech like Twitter, FB, Coca Cola and Amazon. And especially CNN (The Communist News Network, that lies to the American people daily), CBS and MSN Fake News

  2. We will be seeing enemy’s on OfferUp for $20.00. Just like participation trophies. On a quiet night you will be able to hear the Hollywood elite crying.

  3. You need to be very careful him. He is a great double talker and a liar. Should lock his brother up as well. He will sweet talk his way out. After all he is able to get the other democrat politicians to believe his anything he says. He is their Hero. Never accepts blame for anything.

  4. Yet fox won’t ever hold themselves to everything they say and all the parts they play in causing unrest and spreading lies.

  5. CNN, along with Main Stream media and Cuomo has a lot to be accountable for. Democrats have lead people off a cliff with a false narrative.

  6. Another Tempest in a Tea Cup. It will be brushed under the gigantic political rug as usual. Next he will get a Nobel prize.

  7. When, for example, school districts intentionally neglect covid 19 data collection, those involved may have questionable character traits but are not criminally held responsible.

  8. He should be charged and the media are just as guilty. The-news media are so biased now all the dirty laundry is going out and they are trying to distance themselves

  9. Nothing. Is going to happen.
    He is a politician, there is no accountability when it comes to them. They are above the law.
    Even when they do get convicted, they don’t do time. If there are fines, we the tax payers are stuck with the tab.

  10. If you lost a loved one in NY, get together and go after Cuomo AND the media outlets that falsified reporting and information.

  11. They absolutely should be given an assist in Cuomo's crimes. They enabled him to do this by NOT doing their jobs!! Only after the numbers got way out of hand and relatives started questioning what was going on did it stop. Now they should get together and own NY!!

  12. He needs to go! There is no reason to keep him as he is untrustworthy. He cannot admit his error and he doesn't seem to care. Someone like him needs to be send to a special place where he can no longer hurt others.

  13. Please go full throttle ahead in the all out investigation of this completely corrupt and incompetent governor who caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people. Please, for the sake of the grieving and heart broken survivors🙏🙏

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