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27 thoughts on “Tales Of Monkey Island Trailer

  1. Y la versión en ANDROID (dispositivos mas vendidos en el mundo)? Y el doblaje al ESPAÑOL (segundo idioma mas hablado en el mundo)? Esto no pasaba con LucasArts y Disney. En pleno siglo 21 y en vez de ir hacia adelante, parece que vamos hacia atrás.

    And the version in ANDROID (best selling devices in the world)? And the dubbing into SPANISH (second most spoken language in the world)? This did not happen with LucasArts and Disney. In the 21st century and instead of going forward, it seems that we are going backwards.

  2. This trailer does not do justice to this episodic valentine to lifelong fans of the Monkey Island franchise. I found it thoroughly enjoyable, from start to finish.

  3. Worst MI ever!!! There is really no need for gay MERMAIDS (or MER''MEN'', ever worse) in any MI game…….. ever! I The 1st in the series which I actually hate…. and will continue to hate for a really really long time. I bet Mickey Mouse would do a better job if he was still into game programming. MI RIP 🙁

  4. This is late, but if you can't agree with him you probably won't agree with most people that played the games. It's the general consensus.
    Personally neither are bad choices at all.

  5. MI4 good?? GTFO! By far the worst sequel! Tales are not bad at all. They fall short of first 3 games of course, but are light years ahead of Escape. MI series (along with all of the Lucasarts adventure games) were best when utilizing SCUMM engine. It was transfer to the mechanics of MI4 and Grim Fandango that caused the decline of the genre. New controls pissed off the long time fans and made the games too difficult for newbies. If they just kept SCUMM we'd probably have at least 8 MIs by now.

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