Survival Island Modded Magic – Minecraft: Magical Creeper Part 5

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47 thoughts on “Survival Island Modded Magic – Minecraft: Magical Creeper Part 5

  1. can anyone list the mods they have installed because I cannot see it in the link. I think xeraingaming is no more:( but this looks like it could be such fun to play!

  2. Lol this is so old but still i love when Danny walked past the cobble that clearly indicates there was a mob spawner there XD

  3. I love using the Elevator! It's more like a teleporter for going straight up or down. And the paint mixer is good along with the other items needed to make it useful, like the Paint Brush. Need 4 dyes (yellow, cyan, magenta and black) and a bucket of milk for each colour of paint you make. You can paint certain blocks (cobblestone, stone, etc) or make Canvas blocks which are purely white so the colour like right. You can also make stencil with another machine to colour images on the block with one click of the paint brush.

  4. I don't think he actually thought about it when he said that Andre took a nap in the rain holding his rod

    Just think about that sentence

  5. wow. i really liked the last survival Island. this one is good and cool keep making vids and the more subs im one of them

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