Surprising Discovery That Liquid Water Seems to Have Two States!

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34 thoughts on “Surprising Discovery That Liquid Water Seems to Have Two States!

  1. Depending earth's magnetic fields my water takes longer to boil. I know about thos cos I track solar activity, and now I'm correlating this woth the video. Might have to pay attention to this

  2. Two questions: 1. Can someone please tell me why this is labelled as a "Surprising Discovery"??? It is nothing new. 2. Should I stop watching youtube videos like this which are sucker-bait for an inquisitive mind but, in retrospect, are a total waste of time?

  3. I'm a newbie here but… What's up with this celsius? If you are a scientist or from overseas okay, otherwise… When in Rome

  4. Anton, all of the properties of liquid water vary widely with temperature. If you are saying that there is an abrupt change at some point, it would be enlightening to show us a graph of the properties in question.

  5. I wonder if the destabilization of proteins/enzymes at 63 to 68 degree Celsius is in part due to the state-change, as they loose their hydro-phil/-phob-properties at that temperature before degrading completely?

  6. This video contains an unusual amount of impressions and subtle mistakes – you are usually more rigorous, Anton. Not a big deal – the main point was to alert us to this discovery – but stil…

  7. It's strange that engineers didn't discover the change in thermal conductivity – it seems a property very important in various heat engines. I guess it is pretty subtle.

  8. You are actually a great guy.. U r putting so much effort to tell us something..You must have got 1 million subs till now.. Hope u will get 10 M Subs… Stay Fine

  9. I think this is due to decomposition of water into H3O+ and OH- that has nonlinear temperature dependence, which can explain change in conductivity. Probably above certain temperature water ions take up all the water molecules to make their coats and thus their coats start to have different composition.
    Another possibility is that hydrogen bonds start to break down above certain temperature, and big water agglomerates start to break into small ones.
    This can easily be the combination of both.

  10. Man will never know all the secrets of water, or anything else that God created. Man might get close but will never win the cigar. Besides, different crystals forming in ice is still in the state called ice. It's hard, floats and melts. It's like this, cut a tree saw it up into 2X4's, 2X6's, 1X4's. No matter how many different types of lumber you make out of it, it's still a tree, just in different shapes.

  11. Okay… how did we manage to not find this out for so long? These are literally high school experiments, and it's not like it's just a smooth transition but actually almost a switch between two discrete states.

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