Supreme Court Tosses Lawsuits Claiming Trump Violated Emoluments Clause | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

NBC Information’ Pete Williams studies on how this Supreme Courtroom transfer impacts a president’s capacity to obtain earnings from companies patronized by authorities …

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30 thoughts on “Supreme Court Tosses Lawsuits Claiming Trump Violated Emoluments Clause | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. We are witnessing a cold Civil War in the Capitol. It has been started by the GOP/MAGA/Insurrectionist party, who are sore and dangerous losers! We have had an insurrection and will this spread out further onto the streets of America?

  2. Pretty pathetic that orange piece of himan excrement absolutely violated the emoluments clause on a DAILY basis his entire term, and the SC (which he stacked with crap,) answers with “oh, well”…… 🤮🤮🤮

  3. The LEFTWING ESTABLISHMENT orchestrated an election to get their desired outcome. The deep state and RINO establishment supported them in this deceit. The media is working overtime to cover up this deceit, and big tech censors anyone protesting against this deceit. These are NOT LIES! This is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY. This is NOT A SLANTED PERSPECTIVE. This is REALITY! I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, stop repeating this TRUTH!

  4. EXTRA EXTRA READ All About it>>President Joe Biden the # 1 American job killer this week say it ain't so and you're lying just sayin, respect only when earned !!!

  5. So amusing to watch Democrats suffer through every day angry & vengeful. Out of office & off of Twitter yet President Trump continues to MAGA.

  6. A
    Lets see, any emoluments lawsuit is ruled invalid after a President leaves office, as the case is mute. This may be a good thing. If President can't be sued for acting against constitution after leaving office, he must be able to be sued for the same while in office, invalidating that so called DOJ memo saying President can't be sued while in office. Supreme Court would have to ignore the memo !

  7. If your not worried about having to feed a family of five on a bantam chicken, you must not know the history of the banty chicken and your overlords with complete rule

  8. The Supreme Court isn’t about the law.
    They support criminals in power. They’re not there to protect the Constitution of the USA 🇺🇸. JUSTICE MATTERS!

  9. So much for "Lock her up", so much for "drain the swamp".
    This sack of feces managed to con his supporters but not us.
    Disgusting traitor.

  10. Seems very understated[to the point of almost neglect] for an issue that rumbled along for the duration of Trump's regime.Surely Trump's reign higy-lighted the need for more and effective over-sight of presidential activity just in case someone like Trump got elected.He was able to ignore institutions,the constitution,legal requirements,experts,worthies.Nothing and nobody could stop or moderate his activity.

  11. Well I guess if they don't need to hild trump for all the doings he has done that has been against the law. Well why does anyone else have to. The government is corrupt, trump is corrupt, if he doesn't get impeached they need to drop the constitution, quit talking about democracy, and get rid of all the judges and cops and laws. They don't do anything. I can't believe how the government is being. Speechless.

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    MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

  13. It's now open season to commit robbery! Just tell the court "I've retired from being a thief so you can't charge me for those past crimes. They don't matter any more because that's not my job anymore."

  14. Biden's DOJ said this?!?!?! "He's no longer in office." is immaterial. How is that a rational to dismiss the suits?! If I robbed a bank and then said "I retire, therefore I can't be held accountable for the robbery." Who would accept that?! The issue is important (1) for any compensation to affected businesses and (2) president for Trump or anyone else who follows. Enabling people to simply drag out lawsuits until they are out of office is not a working justice system. And why on earth would the lower court rulings not stand? They were done before he left office. This makes no sense at all.

  15. Bill Clinton cheated on his wife and he was impeached Trump cheated on his wife twice while in office payed them both off! Used his job to endorse his business incited violence to attack America government and Trump just easy breezy strolls right out of Washington like he just won the lottery???

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