Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island – Versions Comparison (HD 60 FPS)

Comparability Video of Tremendous Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island / Tremendous Mario: Yoshi Island (スーパーマリオ ヨッシーアイランド ) (Nintendo, 1995), that includes intro and …

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38 thoughts on “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island – Versions Comparison (HD 60 FPS)

  1. This is an evolution in reverse. No wonder no other Yoshi game since (even the decent ones) have failed to live up to the original – they can't even get the original done right! Still waiting for the day, though, when Nintendo tops the masterpiece that is the OG Yoshi's Island.

    [EDIT: Except for GBA Yoshi's Island, which, like a lot f GBA remakes, is an almost 1-to-1 remake with extra tweaks on slightly inferior hardware. Still prefer the old Yoshi noises to the baby noises, though.]

  2. Yoshi's Island for the SNES is a masterpiece! One of my most favorite games along with Super Metroid for the SNES and Paper Mario for the N64.

    One thing I wish that can happen with SNES games. It would be nice if a company or team of game creators could take some of these titles and create some modded game hack cartridges for us in the form of new SNES carts. More Yoshi's Island titles. They have already done rom hack titles for Super Metroid in the form of brand new SNES cartridges but I wish they would do the same for Yoshi's Island. Here are a few titles for an example of what I mean. If you check out Ebay you will find these titles: Super Metroid: Hyperion, Super Metroid: Impossible, Super Metroid: Zero Mission, Super Metroid: Dark Holme Hospital, Super Metroid: Final Stand. Note those are new SNES game titles in the form of SNES cartridges created at around 2015!

    I also wouldn't mind purchasing a Paper Mario hack for the SNES or maybe even a Boy & His Blob hack for the SNES.

  3. while i am a 3ds fan boy the first ever yoshi game i played was super mario advance 3 yoshi's island on the 3ds embassador

  4. The SNES and DS versions are my childhood. I love those so much. The GBA port is also great, since it added new levels.

  5. The DS and 3DS games lose 100% of the charm the SNES original had. The SNES game is the only non cutsey Yoshi game. One of the main reasons why the SNES game is still the best Yoshi game. The whole IP went downhill after the SNES game.

  6. The Super NES version has the best sound quality, but the GBA version adds extra levels and quality-of-life fixes making it the better game. I love the GBA version to death.

  7. Great video!

    About original Yoshi's Island – in my opinion (so far), it was the best game in the trilogy! I've played the SNES version, but I've decided to stay with the GBA one.

    Yoshi's Island DS was also pretty good! The best things about it are the new babies, enemies, graphics, and the museum (even though it looks a little like an island zoo)! However, the bonus level in tower almost completely ruined all the fun for me.

    Yoshi's New Island – I've heard about how many people complain about the story – well, I'm a little disappointed too… But nonetheless, I'm still plannin' to get it on my 3DS emulator in uncertain future! Got any ideas for the good one?

  8. I'm glad Yoshi's Island DS and Yoshi's New Island were included in this. Honestly, those games are less sequels and more along the lines of rehashes, kind of like Akumajou Dracula on the Super Famicom, Sharp X68000, and PlayStation. Except that the Yoshi's Island semi-quels are have really bad soundtracks.

  9. Вторая игра про Марио, в которую я играл. Если я её снимать буду, то это займёт очень много времени. Она капец какая длинная. Кстати, я в целом игры на GBA прохожу у себя на канале!

  10. The first videogame I ever beat :'3

    Shame the DS sequels weren't great. The original DS one had annoying mechanics, and whoever gave a kazoo to the developers of the 3DS one should have been slapped with a rolled up newspaper.

  11. The GBA soundtrack might lose a little bit in translation, but compared to how Super Mario World's soundtrack got completely butchered for Super Mario Advance 2, it's WAAAY better!

  12. My favorite Mario game ever! Love the art style, music and wide open levels! I know people mock the later Yohsi games for being easy, but the original. Yoshi's Island ia one hell of a hard game. I'd avoid the DS remakes personally, as they come across as cheap rehashes in most departments. BTW, I had no idea there were regional differences between the SNES releases!

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