Super Calming Tropical Fairycore Island Tour // Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Comply with the beautiful creator of Nekochi right here: My gown on this video was designed by ✨Be a …

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21 thoughts on “Super Calming Tropical Fairycore Island Tour // Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  1. Sorry im a lil late i had school in the morning haha; but i love this island tour sm!! i love how the creator wasn't afraid to use multiple themes i struggle a lot with sticking to a theme or choosing one bc i dont want to feel stuck in a box! lol all creds to this creator's time, effort, and attention to detail!! extremely lovely

  2. The only thing i liked about Judy when i had her was her coloring, but i didn't like her house interior or the dress she wore, it clash with her color in my opinion. Also i'm not crazy of an anime fan, her face just screams animal obsession. And the thing i really didn't like about her was her catchphrase and the way she normally spoke, it was too mild mannered, it reminds me of that annoying girl Lila from hey Arnold. That's my reasons for me not liking her, i don't know other people's reasons.
    Besides my personal dislikes of her it wouldn't have worked out anyway, the feel of my island is rustic foresty gloomy, i gave her a chance but she wouldn't have lasted long either way.
    It's not always about the villager, it's certain things about them that bug people.

  3. Excuse me but we can sleep and go in dreams on a hamac 😮 ! What about a simple beach towel ?? The possibilities are endless…

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