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28 thoughts on “Subnautica How to find the floating island

  1. This video would be helpful if you had a compass. I tried this and found the Ghost Leviathan. The clouds in the distance are moving in the wind. I see no cloud in the distance not moving. Which direction? North? South? Which direction?

  2. Thank you, this helped me when I accidentally forgot where the island was, after not playing for almost a year. lol my bad! Thanks again!
    God bless and Jesus loves you all!<3

  3. Might be a little late but for anyone having trouble: Build a compass and go Southwest (SW). That should take you there without any scary leviathan encounters.

  4. so where is it actually? i mean if it´s north,west,east and south because i don´t see a cloud formation in my game

  5. Wow… CRAP…

    These are not the Floating ISLANDSSSSSSSSS thats the ONE Floating ISLANDDDDDD learn fucking grammar man!

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