Within the uplands, between Smith’s Cove and the cash pit, excavation seeking flood tunnels uncovers a wood construction 15 ft (5 m) down. In a big log within the …

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40 thoughts on “STRUCTURE FOUND BY THE MONEY PIT | Curse of Oak Island

  1. The never ending bit of nonsense. Is this the best of the “ history” channel. Come on, we’re better than this vapid and brainless pap.

  2. This WAS interesting a few seasons ago. Now it’s just one unanswered question after another. Wake me up IF anything actually is found! I am patient but this is clearly “milking” it now! Yawn…

  3. I loved the latest episode of the Grand Tour "A Massive Hunt".. They took the piss out of these shows like "The Curse of Oak Island" and others.. Really funny.

  4. This should be called the "Curse of Rick and Marty Show" for bull $hi++ing for a whole hour and waisting people time. This show has become one big pile of BS!!!!

  5. Personal opinion: i think they hit the structure/underground tunnel and opened it up. The parts that were not flooded and were intact is now completely flooded and loaded with slurry mix of everything. Hands down open pit mine operation or they will never get it. Excavate from flood tunnels all the way to money pit or whatever hole lines up with flood tunnel. Stop hammer grabbing!! Good chance of destroying important books and paper treasure, pottery, art.

    From the beginning they shouldve sunk the drill casing to a depth past the projected target. Put a few 10,000 gallon a minute Pumps. Pump the crap out of it while sending workers in to seal the bottom with a cement floor attached to bottom end of casing. And cut a hole at target depth and begin side underground side cut mining while pumping and reinforcing any excavation every foot to 2 ft.

  6. they getting old man…..for bits and little pieces coming in at an horrendous cost…and i thought there were starving kids in affrica ..but hey lest burn what 10 years of fuel …for bits. laughable

  7. Then a big Goose poped out and they all started chaseing it again in circles HA HA HA HA! thats the one that laid my golden dragon eggs,to bad those already got stolen back when they found them in the first place,that paid for the foundation of this country.

  8. Why don't you do a Lidar search of the island. Maybe you can see some old trails or paths and I think it wouldn't be too expensive

  9. Wow, this is about the 437th so called "structure" they've declared.
    Their clues lead to hypothesis, which lead way to theories, which in turn lead to additional clues which generate more theories which add more hypotheses leading to clues. A tiny piece of wood becomes a "spanish galleon"…three rocks become a structure….a microscopic flake of (maybe) leather becomes a manuscript….entertainment for sure to be found….treasure?… not looking too good…

  10. Yippy…. more wood! This island has been so torn up and "explored" over the years the idea of any meaningful research and recovery is not possible.

  11. Imagine their shock when the discover the whole earth was actually built this way, the whole thing is made of wooden beams and tunnels….”Aliens” 😏😉 has to be…

  12. The swamp was used as a dry dock and the flood tunnels were used to empty the water into siphon pit the money pit was the siphon pit used for emptying the dry dock. Pirates probably raided the place or fixed there damaged boats there, stolen items were probably stored there until they were on there way but I doubt very much there’s anything but old ruins berried there now

  13. I always enjoy their finds. The clues, signs or tells are always increasing. It’s historical 👍🏻👏🏻

  14. Really, this like a dog chasing it's tail. on and on round and round. Should just pick the whole island up tip it over, give it a shake and see what falls out.

  15. If they own half of oak island why aint they out their with digging holes even covid shouldnt stop them from digging maybe filming.

  16. Millions of dollars to find one old coin and rusty pipes. 8 freaking seasons to dig a hole. Man those pirates must have been engineering genius. Their gold was so important that they didnt even want to spend it. History has always taught us how pirates love digging holes. I thought pirates liked having money. The show should be called "Two idiots and a shovel!

  17. Has anyone ever heard Billy speak?.
    In the last 10 years I can't think of any time Billy had said anything.. 😆 lol

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