Strong decline in coronavirus across England since January, React study shows 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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46 thoughts on “Strong decline in coronavirus across England since January, React study shows 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. Привет британцы! Я русская! Привет из России!/ Hello British! I'm Russian. Hello from Russia!

  2. I'm in California USA where 100 million people are refusing to get vaccinated. I get my first shot tomorrow, Fri 18th, our time. Why? Because I'm not stupid.

  3. Nothing Can face an object and encircle it and not alter it’s facing position unless it turns toward the object to completely face the object it encircles or is encircling. This my friend is how all things work when moving around an object. This is why the earth is not a sphere.

  4. I hope anyone with the coronavirus gets better soon but there is only one good thing that's come out of the coronavirus. is that it is reminding people of there morality and in doing so get some to think about the afterlife. which the bible says there is hell and heaven. and we know GOD does exist because there has to be a creator of everything. nothing cant create everything. and we know GOD wants morality because he gave us a moral under standing. but the bible also says GOD is forgiving and he sent his son Jesus. all you have to do is repent of your sins. acts 17:30. and trust Jesus Christ. john 3:16. then GOD will give you eternal life in heaven as a free gift. I hope this was helpful i do this to share the gospel not for likes. have a nice day amen.

  5. Yes 13 million people have been vaccinated. What about the other 54,886,004 people who haven’t? Don’t get your hopes up guys it will probably spike as soon as lockdown is lifted

  6. I'm genuinely confused why the media keeps insisting the hospitals are still overloaded when I can look at the numbers and see new infections are dropping like a rock and have been for like two months now.

  7. Don't like China, but they did the right thing and get rid of the virus almost a year. They had a very hard and short national lockdown, and good testing and tracing system follow up. We still can learn something from our enemy, can't we?

  8. virus is like the fire, you shall put it out completely otherwise it will come back quickly and burn down the whole village. Zero tolerance to the virus like you to the fire, please!

  9. So cases of infection are declining, Now I wonder why it's dropping, could it have anything to do with Schools, Pubs, Restaurants and non essential shops being shut and lockdown restrictions on going out and socialising.
    Also deaths are declining in the over 80's, would this have anything to do with most of the vulnerable elderly have already contracted and died due to covid.

    The fact that infections and death of those at higher risk have already succumb to the virus isn't a surprise, eventually deaths from those under 60 will out strip thoss over 74

  10. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

  11. (_________________________________________________________________________) 😭😭😭😭👿👿😠😠😡😡🤬🤬👿👿😱😱

  12. Why have the UK's covid deaths gone to 119,000. On the 26th Jan they hit 100,000. That is 19/20,000 deaths in 3-4 weeks. Either way, it just shows it was the old people who were the problem all along. They have got vaccinated and cases are dropping, enough said.

  13. STOP EASING THE RESTRICTIONS EVERYTIME CASES DROP DONT EASE RESTRICTIONS UNTIL THE VIRUS IS ERADICATED. this is what we do in Australia and I really can't believe that their so STUPID to already want to ease restrictions when they still have hundreds of thousands of cases. watch how that will cause cases to rise and then y'all will be in lockdown again

  14. People will be Rioting soon as companies are being allowed by the government to discriminate against people who have not taken the Vaccine..No employment !
    Shops will be encouraged also by the government to do the same.
    Looks like they're going to need all those Extra police that they're employing !

  15. It has 1 month since England’s third national lockdown began on Monday the 4th January 2021 after Christmas and now the last national lockdown is heading for the exit this year and it will be the 1st Anniversary of Britain’s first Coronavirus Pandemic on Saturday the 13th March 2021 and Britain’s first national lockdown on Tuesday the 23rd March 2021. Now 2021 will revive the summer tournaments like the 2020 European Championship Finals in 12 European countries on Friday the 11th June 2021, 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo on Friday the 23rd July 2021 and Wimbledon on Monday the 28th June 2021 from 1 year after the awful Coronavirus Pandemic invaded International football tournament, Olympic Tournament and the British tennis tournament on Friday the 13th March 2020 and I didn’t like 2020.

  16. Let all the conspiracy theorist facebook boomers who dont wanna take the vaccine expire, less of our tax money would go to pensions and more to the NHS.

  17. I find it a bit sinister the way they report this with happy, smiling faces as if the whole thing were a gigantic success….when hundreds of people are still dying daily.

  18. There aren't any journalists at the BBC. They are totally lacking in curiosity or integrity. I know 2 year olds who constantly ask "why" "how" "who". They would be better than these morons. BBC – what do you think about HCQ ? What about Vitamin D, C, and Zinc ? How about the links between Fauci, Gates, Government and Big Pharma ? And how about the so-called vaccines ? How do they work ? What are the ingredients ? What happened in the animal trials ? Who will pay to look after those who are damaged by the so-called vaccines ?

  19. I would have thought consuming lychees and blackberries would have skyrocketed in sales during the pandemic especially as it is a natural remedy against coronavirus LOL

  20. Restrictions will probably not be eased until daily infections reach 1000 a day, according to reports. Latest figures are 10,926 new cases in 24 hours. Think we've got a way to go yet.

  21. The reason why people needs to invest in thier life is because of trying times like this, I know that with the situation of things, someone of here are afraid of going out, some works has been suspended due to corona virus but those that has invested for long time ago has nothing to worry about because they have enough to take care of their families due to their investments.

  22. No option for subtitles on this video, please can this be updated for hard of hearing viewers. Disappointing from the BBC, come on…

  23. …. Is due to it technically being the end of FLU season.

    But they won't tell you that.

    All this fear over NOTHING.

    Lies, damn lies, and corona virus.

  24. In the UK if anyone dies within 28 days of having a positive not-diagnostic PCR test – which they were over amplifying using 40-45 cycles resulting in a high rate of false positives – they are automatically recorded as having died from Covid-19 irregardless of the possibly having underlying co-morbidities and/or having received either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer jabs prior to their death.

  25. Doctors and scientists give lucid explanations how hyper-immune response in COVID vaccine test animals comes about, and why, in three to six months or more, they expect to see large numbers of vaccinated people exhibit the response when exposed to the wild, mutated virus. None other than Dr. Anthony Fauci has acknowledged the phenomenon known as virus interference, which is when vaccines actually make exposure to a virus worse. Fauci told a congressional committee in the spring: “I must warn that there is a possibility of negative consequences where certain vaccines can actually enhance the negative effect of the infection,”

  26. Reports are there's an extreme wing of the anti-vax group with close ties to the National Front, who are willing to contract COVID and enter an area where minorities live to purposefully inject the virus into the community. We really need to be more vigilant and keep an eye on the anti-vax groups. They're dangerous.

  27. Ha haa The conspiracy goon squad are misleading saying its the end of flu season. Give me a break, the date is way off and it's been snowing for the past month so how is the weather picking up when it's been 0 degrees for the past month?

  28. The funny thing is scientists are claiming young children spread the virus faster, which means mass testings for schools when they open gradually and we will wnd up in Tier systems!

    So the crab story of vaccines will lift lockdowns is a big LIE and manipulation to make people sheeps to follow, obey and get injected whenever they want to!!!

  29. Lockdowns were justified on the basis that we were protecting the NHS from being overwhelmed.
    With cases falling as they are, that is no longer a plausible scenario.
    So to keep us locked up, they have chosen another reason.
    Now they are saying cases must now be be below 1000 a day.
    They are lying to us all.

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