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30 thoughts on “Straight White Men are Incompetent on Star Trek Discovery and Need to Be Corrected by Women

  1. In the year 3000 it's even worse, but i guess this show is made for the real fans, 'women of color' lmao this putrid garbage is getting harder and harder to watch, may have to stop dl the torrents soon

  2. Holy hell I'm late to this show but I just noticed how there's almost no straight competent human men on the show. I decided Google. Guess I wasn't the only one to notice.

  3. I own all the star trek series in one form or another, from the original series on VHS to DS9 on DVD, including Voyager on DVD. After watching the first 10 minutes of the first episode, I turned it off. You can have all the feminists you want on the bridge, that's fine, but don't expect my time or money. I simply say no thanks. I have zero tolerance for identity politics and gender crap in my entertainment.

  4. In the second line, the actor doesn't even say "Oh shit", its been retroactively dubbed in. What possible reason would you want to dub in a needless swear in star trek………?!

  5. If you're a Straight Man on STD, you're either cucked by superior women (Pike, Tyler, the guys in these vids), revealed as a villain and killed (Lorca, Leland, T'Kuvma, Kol) or just killed senselessly (Admiral Anderson, Connolly, The Shenzou navagator). Spock and Sarek managed to survive unscathed, yet they both now worship the ground Mikey Burnham walks on. Star Trek: The Feminist Frontier.

  6. Its would be nice to show a comparison to this nonsense, and how intense situations were shown on actual Star Trek. No one was talked down to, or shown as being incompetent or a bungling fool. Everyone was highly qualified in their position and knew what to do. With this, they go out of their way to belittle and attack characters of one specific gender and skin colour.

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