Stop Calling Star Trek Discovery a RIPOFF – Supplemental

Glad New 12 months!!! Here is a rant about Star Trek to kick off 2021. I’ve seen some folks name Star Trek Discovery Season three a ripoff of the present Andromeda.

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41 thoughts on “Stop Calling Star Trek Discovery a RIPOFF – Supplemental

  1. Okay, so Gene Roddenberry story creators (attributes all shows to the original creator) rips off Gene Roddenberry? Questionable at best. Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, took inspiration from TOS: Space Seed. Did you just reach for things to make a video? Your research was spotty at best. I’ll help: Farscape ripped off Heavy Metal by mixing in the Muppets. Or, how about ST:DS9 ripped off Babylon 5 because. . . Oh wait!

  2. I love this channel except when he SIMPS for NuTrek. It's never really very convincing and it's going to make more than Rowan's Herculean efforts to salvage Discovery. Like he does get the difference between homage and influence- and Kurtzman being a NON-TREK fan who did the laziest possible shit, season after season.

  3. Idk about Discovery ripping off anything but I sure haven't enjoyed watching it these past 3 seasons. Whish I did tbh

  4. no it is no ripoff.

    i actually enjoyed most of it. yes, they did steal the tardigrade and spore drive in season one flat out from a pc game but now all they do since then is lend from other shows … let's face it pretty much all current shows do that because so many things have been done before in some way.

    what i WILL call this season however at this point is an overrated and repetitive teenie soap.

    the number of times burnham goes behind her friends backs only to start the same "me sowwy we good now?" redemption ark 30 minutes later and be forgiven over and over, is getting ROYALLY tiresome.

    they have this character deliver speeches every other minute but then portray her as completely unable to simply talk to her peers and argue her case not 30 seconds later? portraying her constant betrayal of her friends as hero complex is not helping either. what is shown is not shouldering the burden of a tough call, her actions are completely irresponsible and very often downright stupid.

    really, who wrote this crap, an over exited 12 year old on a sugar rush?

    that exact same pattern of disobedience and betrayal has been used to introduce burnham to us 3 seasons ago. do they really want to tell us they have not had one single original idea since then on how to let her grow?

    did anyone in that writers room ever hear of character development? for heaven sake let burnham have some of that. she deserves better than what a revolving door betrayal/redemption ark! get someone who at least has a semi-creative idea for a new direction already.

    i really hope they cut down on the fabricated drama and give the actors characters that actually are allowed to grow and overcome their flaws instead of behaving like hormone driven teenagers … i am not sure i can stomach another season of dawsons creek trek and that would be a shame because i like the actors and the premise of the show, just not the awful writing for the characters.

  5. Let us not forget the useless fan war of B5 and DS9. It has been said the that are only six truly original plots all of story writing. I have no idea whether this is objectively factual, but I don't need to. Most, if not all, artist start by utilizing the basics, previous endeavors, various media; everything springs from something. I'm more interested in how well the art is presented, first and foremost, in this case, how well the story is told. I've enjoyed ST:D season 3; the show-runners seem to have found what they want the show to be about (unlike ST:Voy, which never did). How original the show isn't often the most relevant aspect.

  6. So they rip off the expanse, now andromeda (and is stupid as the temporal police would deal with that) and you don't call it a rip off?

  7. 100% with you on your last statement about original objections. It's been my experience that those that slam Discovery, the arguments they present are exactly the same as previous critics of Enterprise, DS9, and even TNG.
    "Picard is no Kirk, A BALD CAPTAIN in the 24thC! Men wearing dresses to work is woke culture/political correctness gone mad! How can you boldly go anywhere on a stationary space station!?!"
    It's the same old BS arguments hiding the truth. "We don't like the new stuff, it's not the same as the stuff we hold most dear and revere"

  8. I don't call it a rippoff, I call it STD!

    Seriously though it is the epitome of style over substance. It's defiantly not Star Trek, its Sci Fi for people who don't like science. Red angels being detected light years away instantaneously, shuttle craft fighter dog fights, huge plot holes, hand waved away.

    Maybe season 3 wasn't a rippoff but season one defiantly was. They blatantly ripped off Tardigrades.

  9. Discovery is original in the way it's worse than everything else. It's more crap than anything I've seen in years. It is in fact the worst scifi I've ever seen ever.

  10. STD is not a rip-off. One of my favorite authors, Alistair Reynolds, wrote once that "all good authors steal", or let's call it, "are inspired by something else". Every Sci-Fi writer of today was certainly inspired by what came before. In fact, being sci-fi-nerds, EVERYONE in the fandom should be familiar with the concept of parallel evolution, right? In general, I do not get why people constantly attempt to bash stuff for not being the first to do something or being similar to something else.

    The quality of any work of fiction, regardless of medium or genre, is if the product in question achieves what it wants to be.
    Dumb-fun stuff can be just as high quality as a Blade Runner 2036 is dumb-fun stuff was what everyone wanted to achieve and worked hard to do.

    This quality-section is were Discovery (and Picard too) fails so utterly, at least judging from S1 and S2 which I watched. All this rip-off-screaming, political-idea-waving, canon-complaining or SJW-bullshit that people throw against the show is just rubbish and misses the point. Discovery is often a badly written show with no idea of what it wants to be, say or represent. Discussed at length in channels like Trekspertise and, partially, even here. And even with its quality issues, many people (though myself not among them) can still ENJOY this stuff but not everyone has the same tastes/standards/sensitivites and might simply not care or not see some issues.

    So, fandom, stop doing silly stuff and grow up! Criticize or defend based on fact and quality, not some arbitrary loyalty or feeling of being "offended" by a piece of media. How a space-TV-show could offend anyone directly is beyond me anyway.

  11. It's just people who don't like Kurtzman and New Trek, no matter what. If it was a completely new idea, then they would say it's not real Trek. Some people have constructive criticism of the new shows, but others have made up their minds, and there's no point in engaging with them.

  12. Unfortunately I can't be interesting in my reasons for why I dislike modern Trek. It's simple. I don't enjoy watching it. I could go into detail on why but it's ultimately down to taste and that's what so many arguments boil down to anyway. I'm glad that people enjoy it, but I've tried and I can't. But I don't feel the need to tell people they're wrong or stupid for enjoying things.

  13. It would be very kind of you to make a video about "Why Star Trek Deep space nine isn't a rip-off of Babylon 5."

  14. There's a difference between ripping off and paying homage to a source material. (With some of your examples)
    I don't think Discovery is necessarily ripping off, it's just not doing anything particularly well.
    I wish it did.

  15. I get the point you are trying to make. But your argument is weak. As the example of Andromeda being a rip off too by the wakes Standards you give examples from the same creators previous failed shows. That isn't copying that's being in love with an idea and really wanting to see it through ( or not having a lot of ideas and making each one count) .

  16. The "ripoffs" would be more tolerable if the show was more entertaining with believable and interesting characters to watch.

  17. As someone who's been watching Star Trek since 1975 when I was six I believe I love All Star Trek. They all have a special place in my heart and they're all unique to me. I never really got in the Andromeda my mother how ever loved it. I like you and also a fan of Orville. This is the world we live in the internet is the biggest megaphone that is ever been created in human history and people can throw their random comments or opinions out into the ether some people are hoping for a reply some people are hoping for an argument sometimes both. It is where you once had film critics or TV critics now on YouTube you have thousands of channels that do nothing but review TV and movies. And many of those channels have a slanted view either for certain property or against a certain property so of course anything they don't like they're going to say it was a rip-off. I feel love like you in the respect this stuff used to be fun we used to love to get together and talk about our favorite sci-fi shows. Oh well I guess those days are long gone except for channels like yours and a few other

  18. I also dont like whn people say DS9 is a rip off of Babylon 5, they are pretty different story wise, the only thing they have in common is a space station

  19. The problem is STD has the history of Ripping off the Poor guy who created the blue tardigrade story. So in that light any "ripping off" is seen as more of the same Modus Operandi.

  20. I liked gene Roddenberry's earth final confect where human are fighting and alien occupation and the storyline of the talons and scrells Symbiote weapons andromeda is good Star Trek disc has no bright future for humanity that's why it's crap

  21. Lets also not forget the other "ripoffs" in Star Trek

    "Balance of Terror" was "The Enemy Below" in space
    Riker and Troi were recycled Decker and Ilia
    Data was Questor from another Roddenberry-written production called The Questor Tapes
    Pulaski was female McCoy
    … and lets not get into the whole Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 debacle

    Honestly, to claim "ripoff" in Star Trek is an absolutely asinine statement to make, given Star Trek's own history.
    It is quite frankly an act of desperation for those who cannot make a logical discussion about screenplay writing, plot structure, and character development. The places where the failings in Discovery truly emanate from. If these things were improved, then all the visual changes, swear words, graphic violence, and so on wouldn't even matter.
    And even IF one is going to complain about story/plot/character, it is necessary to have alternative options in order to have a proper debate. To just say "I don't like it, make it better" accomplishes nothing, as there is no real groundwork to go from. It is always better to be constructive and offer something to the conversation… and that is something a lot of people today simply refuse to do.

  22. As they say "Haters gonna hate." Once the brainworm of "New Star Trek bad. Must hate." entered the Fandom's Mindsphere, anytime "Star Trek Discover", or any new Trek, does something "not quite what was done before", or something new, vaguely, tacitly, overtly "not Star Trek but still is Star Trek", will be met with venom and vitriol reserved, by sane people, for actual evil in the world.

  23. My main problem with both piccard and discovery is the shift towards a battlestar galactica style the shaky cam during still moments and the lack of healthy work relationships. The best part of tng was when a crew member was the only one to see something or are trying to solve a problem and the whole crew didn’t put them under scrutiny or question them they just helped. Discovery is a good show it’s just missing a lot of the things that were important and meant something to me. The opening scene of ep 5 of piccard comes to mind so many tourture scenes have appeared in Star Trek and none of them had the senseless gore and for what it was used to turn 7 into a terminator. I get it subverting expectations and all that but for me when the captains secretly a bad guy and the first officer gets her point across by abandoning her teaching and choking out her captin it just feels so different that nothing matters the piccard federation don’t act like the 24th century fed at all not even sec 38 was harvesting officers when a whole damn cube of drones was just sitting in space

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