stewart island part 1 with Josh James and a few mates

Superior mission to the Island, approach down the underside of New Zealand, met some new mates and received some high quality time with outdated mates. Thanks Jason from DNA …

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37 thoughts on “stewart island part 1 with Josh James and a few mates

  1. Watching with the captions on and the AI thinks the sound of the sea and the bush is (applause). Its appropriately hilarious.

  2. Spirit lead me from hillsong. One of my favourite song… i knew u liked worship music hahah nahhhh mean mahi bro would love to come for a hikoi with you 1 day. Love ya work and missing nzed like crazy because of your randomness an honesty for life and the kiwi ways…. mean bro blessed

  3. Josh going old school with the swanndri. I still have my 1978 vintage one. In good shape but can’t compare to gore-tex and merino. Just for around the section now.

  4. What are those mollusks you cooked with butter? Abalone?

    Sorry I only speak 'merican english, couldn't decipher what you called them

  5. Malcolm Douglas would be in a pair of stubbies (short short's) and bare feet in the Kimberley's, while others would be wearing $2000 worth of 'Safari' gear. Josh has the same vibe, if not the same intellect…lol!

  6. Post a link for a good inflatable boat setup.. we need something we can put in the undercarriage of our bus to fish and crab without towing it👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Any chance of getting a review of the 450c. Im in aus and Im thinking of buying one, but there is no reviews or marketing for this boat. And I cant drive down to the factory to have a look either.


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