Stelter: Is Joe Biden making the news boring again?

CNN’s Brian Stelter appears at how the information has transitioned to overlaying the Biden White Home throughout President Joe Biden’s first week in workplace – together with …

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26 thoughts on “Stelter: Is Joe Biden making the news boring again?

  1. The racist President actually said these things yet Democrats just look the other way:

    Joe Biden – 1977 – "I don't want my children to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle"
    Joe Biden – 1994 – "If Haiti sunk into the Caribbean it wouldn't matter a whole lot to our interests"
    Joe Biden – 07/2006 – "hahaha, you just can't go into a Dunkin' Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have an Indian accent"
    Joe Biden – 01/2007 – "look at Obama, I mean he is clean, nice looking and smart"
    Joe Biden – 08/2012 – "if you vote for Republicans, they'll put y'all back in chains"
    Joe Biden – 08/2019 – “Poor kids” can be just as bright as “white kids”
    Joe Biden – 05/2020 – "if you don't vote for me, you ain't really black"
    Joe Biden – 08/2020 – "blacks are not as diversified in how they think as are Hispanics"

  2. CNN and the rest of the propaganda spreading media mob is by no means new..the lies,the dishonesty, the corruption of the democratic party,social media giants will be the ruin of our country…

  3. Chicom Joe does China proud. They will be building a city in his name – Comajoe.
    Pelosi will be coming out with a new ice cream flavor – Impeach.
    Schumer used up his six ways so he's going fractional banking style and now has 600 ways.
    Kamala Kry Kry the inventor of her famous Krytalk by always sounding like a persistent depression, will become the POTUS soon and Biden will be pushing up daisies still thinking he's in the Senate now.
    All in all we congratulate every dVoter who stood silent while their elected colluded and schemed from sea to shining sea to produce the greatest election fraud combo in history. Right smack during a Covid pandemic they stooped lower than a cockroach' elbow to make a sham of democracy and today your elected Elite will show you their real colors. You voted for criminals and now they will ransack America to the ground.

  4. How is Biden being dull when he makes a great inaugural speech then contradicts it by putting thousands immediately out of jobs (Keystone and wall construction), driving business away from the US (oil and taxes), and threatens national security (deportation and forcing business and money to China and Middle East adversaries)? This isn’t me talking. This is the response of many against the recent executive orders which CNN of course fails to cover.

  5. Maybe report facts on china Joe! Or maybe hunter bidens sex trafficking investigation? CNN is a joke, completely biased. World can see it. China News Network.

  6. Lol Biden has done more controversial things than Trump ever did, but now news is boring.
    It's just now these journalist will actually have to do some work.

  7. "Move in Silence,speak only to say Checkmate" i'd rather have boring president who is actually WORKING IN THE OFFICE than a Moron who is destroying our Country. With Biden everything is peaceful…it's how it has to be and feel.❤👌🙌

  8. Exactly! I always said, Dr. Birx!, or, whatever!, ~ her name is, ~ she has always reminded me of of, nurse Ratchet, 'from the movie' One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I never did trust her!, because she either, stuck for, trump when he was lying!, ND she, knew, damn well he was, or she was constantly candy coating trumps misgivings!
    This Bitch constantly forgave and went along with trump no matter what he said! About anything to do with the pabdemic! She would cover his ass, time after time!
    She admits he had falsified reports and statistics, she knew he was blowing smoke up our asses! But rather than standing up and telling us the truth~ she would remain silent! Because much like trump, she felt that keeping her prestigious position at the white house on the covid 19 task force, where she got to be front n center in the briefing room, was more important to her than telling us trump was a flipping LIAR!
    Her ego, just trumps prevented her from being honest with the American people. She'd rather be able to remain on the task force that made her feel prestigious! Than stand up to the idiot that got us where we ate today! She is not worth 2 shitz!
    This quack! Would rather see people die then admit Trump is a lying fool, that repeated false information time after time. And she knew he was lying!
    She just sat there on the sideline and said nothing… no heads up people… or, nothing!
    She is just as bad as trumo! She only would say something after the fact, when someone would say something or call her on it!
    On the other hand…
    Dr.Fauci would ALWAYS stand up for science and for what was right.. he never mislead or allowed trump to misinformation the American public.
    Dr Fauci always stould up to trumps nonsense and lies. There is no comparison.

  9. Lol. Gender misfits will have access to women's bathrooms, but gas will be 6 dollars a gallon. Lol. Democrat and Progressive regrets: "but I thought it wuz fwee-dom's and stuffs".

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