Stawmp (Rainforest Island ANIMATED) – Island by The Monster Explorers

Yep. That is proper. That is a 3rd leg. 6/12 Animated in Moho 12 Professional Rainforest Island and its monsters belong to The Monster Explorers: …

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47 thoughts on “Stawmp (Rainforest Island ANIMATED) – Island by The Monster Explorers

  1. The comment section:
    20% Peole Making Good Comments
    30% People asking why he has tird leg
    60% peolple asking why its in that spot

  2. Imagine what he would look like standing up. (I wish I could forgot this but now this is stuck in my head forever and I will never see Stawmp the same ever again, just wanted to share that pain with you)

  3. 📢กคหรรหหรรหากาหากนหนกกาหากา📢📣🎙

  4. Bio: This monster seems to be the third wheel in everything (get the joke?) but maybe that’s because he has a third- (you thought you *BI-*) anyways, Stawmps are very fascinating creature to be around! Every time it hears about a staring contest, the Stawmp is in! The Stawmp is always found climbing mountains, practicing for protection, and trying to perfect his sound.

  5. wow so original, a monster that stomps it's feet to make drum sounds… we already got like 2 of those in the actual game lol.

  6. That placement of third leg! This is really uncomfortable! Man, why are you bullying him? 😕😕😱😱😱🙅👣👣👣🍑

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