State Republicans Push New Voting Restrictions: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Republican legislators throughout the nation are getting ready new voting restrictions within the wake of former President Donald Trump’s defeat, Politico stories.

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41 thoughts on “State Republicans Push New Voting Restrictions: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. They are scared; they have always known that if you encourage people to vote and get them registered most will vote Democratic; that's why they spent decades suppressing it.

  2. The Republicans better yet corrupt republicans are continuing their corrupt ways to get themselves elected nothing new National unity can only happen when they themselves rid the party of their galvanizing mob

  3. Wow, sat here in the UK that sounds like a move you might expect from North Korea, Iran or a similar dictatorship (in the making), sad but possibly part of the reality of US politics in these troubled times? Thanks for these reports, can’t imagine the concern that must be bubbling over there!

  4. They are the EVIL EMPIRE! Republicans would never win an election ever again if they didn't try to RIG THE ELECTION……AGAIN! Power is the drug they can't kick.

  5. We need a political party the believes in American values. In God we trust. Liberty and united in the fact that we're all Americans..

  6. Republicans have lost everything because more black people are voting than ever before. Republicans have lost everything because they refuse to look at their own racism. Republicans know they will keep losing if they don't keep black people from voting. These voting restrictions have the sound of chains dragging on the floor.

  7. YES!!!!! Require IDs!!!! Make sure signatures match!!!! Protect the sacred right of our votes so they are not negated by corruption and fraud!!!!

  8. Republicans having been doing this for over a hundred years. Why? Because the one-percenters can’t win an election by themselves so they need a combination snowing the simple with b/s and restricting as many voters as possible. From poll taxes, to testing, to intimidation, to gerrymandering its all right out of their playbook.

  9. If Dems dont re-enact strong voting rights acts then they deserve to lose their seats and America deserves its fate.

  10. So all the people who died fighting for freedom and equality were just wasting their time?
    Or do these Republican asshats actually believe that freedom is only theirs and, what, exactly?
    Seriously, the Republican party should rename themselves, and embrace their ideology as modern nazis.

  11. Oh look. Instead of cutting off the white supremacists and traitors and expanding our voter base, let's keep up with the voting restrictions. Hey GOP, people who want to vote will. The end

  12. Toxic Trump increased the national deficit from $19.2 trillion to $28 trillion dollars…and crickets from Republicans. Now, with a desperately needed COVID-19 relief package which all economist say will prolong economic recovery and cost our taxpayers MORE if we don't spend now, Republican fascist pigs are squealing about fiscal responsibility? GOP is still putting their cult party before country, engaging in obstructionism solely for political gain, uncaring how much they are hurting Americans or harming America.

  13. Republicans lied, Americans died. Not just the six deaths at the Capitol from the seditious Reich-wing Republican cult terrorist attack there, but also hundreds of thousands from COVID-19.

  14. GOP cult: “Democracy is great…only so long as we can subvert it with lies, sedition, and terrorism to gain power and maintain our corrupt, plutocratic, minority fascist rule!”

  15. Fascist, terrorist, seditionist GOP cult is now officially the enemy of democracy and the state–and thus the people.

  16. I’m surprised that people are still associated with this ridiculous party. When republicans can’t win, they cheat and shamelessly smh.

  17. GOP are only trying to cease power by rigging the voting rules !!! Now !…who really is trying to "Rig" .. future elections for there own power grab ?🤔

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