Star Wars High Republic, Star Trek Discovery Cancelled? Feat. The Critical Drinker | MEitM #42

StarWars #StarTrekDiscovery #LukeSkywalker The Essential Drinker joins the Midnighter’s to Talk about Star Wars The Excessive Republic, if Star Trek Discovery has …

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32 thoughts on “Star Wars High Republic, Star Trek Discovery Cancelled? Feat. The Critical Drinker | MEitM #42

  1. Disco cancelled…. Well, if Midnight's Edge keeps predicting it every single year, i suppose eventually they'll be proved correct.

  2. For every complex, difficult to understand problem, there is a simple, easy to understand wrong answer.

    Yes, the civil war was about slaver. It was ALSO about many other things–just like the American Revolution was about taxes, and MANY OTHER THINGS.

    The people who drop the line about "the civil war was/wasn't about slavery" are only numbing your brain to the more complex reality of life. They WANT you be simpletons thinking either one way or the other.

  3. It may be that Justina Ireland was being SARCASTIC. If so, she was intimating that Whites have been rewriting history to make themselves appear better.

  4. The civil war was not fought over slavery.

    It was fought over nationalism, not state's rights. the CSA actually reduced State's rights dramatically through the war.

    However, the north and the south were different nations BECAUSE of slavery. The north had ended slavery a generation before and it caused the north and the south to become two very different places, which is why they allowed antagonism, over slavery and many other things, to escalate through the 1850s.

    Most soldiers in the civil war were fighting for their country, very few were fighting for or against slavery.

    This doesn't remove slavery from the issue, far from it, but it places it as the cause of the division, but not the war.

  5. If they do the Thrawn Trilogy I would love the see Mark Hamill play as Janos Cabath (bad spelling sorry) the crazy Clone Jedi.

  6. harry krishna has a lot to say. And a lot of nothing to say. Skip that guy…. the drinker and Andre were on point with out getting itno the whole white man thing that krishna was gearing towards.

  7. Kathleen Kennedy's faction are not incompetent. They know EXACTLY what they're doing. They have seething contempt for Western Civilization and want to spit in the face of its heroes.

  8. Some fans are just going along to get along and they'll change opinions on things depending on whoever their speaking to. I have a fri-enemy like that at my shop. That's one of the kinds of buyers they're attracting. Smh

  9. The High Republic writer is a perfect example of the Potter Principle:
    Leftists identify with the heroes of children’s fiction, but act like the villains

  10. Could we just get everyone to chill? I love the content, but when there are a couple points where people cuss and scream more than needed.

  11. Need to have two Star trek series running at once like when Voyager and DS9 were running at the same time. One of the Star trek series would be normal great Star trek. The other series would pander to the sjw and the woke alphabet people movement that way they can be happy too they'll have their own Star trek series regular Star trek fans won't watch their sjw woke alphabet people bullcrap and they won't watch our normalgreat trek

  12. The writers and artists who have been assigned with creating new characters & storylines are not creative people. Re-casting Indiana Jones nowadays is going to be a recipe for disaster.

  13. 43:37 How? How out of all the writers who would love to write for Star Wars… Even if the higher ups insisted on a black writer, how did this idiot get the job? As a black late 30's Southerner, the KK Camp is very reminiscent of the "The Good Ol Boy" system. Where it doesn't matter how qualified you are if you aren't in "the club" you don't get any opportunities. Which is ironic how much they resemble everything they're "fighting" against.

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