Star Trek News & Updates! | Picard Filming, Discovery Season 4 & More!

Welcome again to Trek Central! In right now’s Earl Gray pour up, Ketwolski breaks down a TON of thrilling information concerning the Star Trek Franchise! Updates on …

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35 thoughts on “Star Trek News & Updates! | Picard Filming, Discovery Season 4 & More!

  1. Discovery being nominated for an award? Is it the "Steaming Pile" award? Worst thing to happen to Star Trek in history. Period. Even Leonard Nimoy's rendition of Bilbo Baggins was eminently more watchable than this sad excuse of a show (Discovery that is).

  2. An "Enemy" that is not "living" (defined as breathing?)

    In season 3, with the guardian of forever, they explored a bit, that they have rubbed a lot of time-sensitive beings in a very wrong way (like weaponizing the guardian, etc…)

    One such group of beings are the prophets, basically being that do not understand the concept of time, sometimes interfering with timelines, etc (which the federation has now banned due to that peace treaty. And there is of course one starfleet captain prophet.

    So, how about sisko as the antagonist, telling the federation, that they are not really federation by his standards, etc.

    Another character I expected to see in season 3 of discovery was the doctor, especially after the Voyager-J. The doc, as a hologramm would qualify as not really living, breathing, etc.

  3. As soon as I saw “Picard season 2 filming” I got sad. Gods, why? Will it follow the adventures of android Picard and the android filled yoga retreat that almost summoned the Reapers? Perhaps he’ll get command of one of those copy and paste genetic Starfleet ships from the last episode?

  4. You have a show where you dissect every little bit of information you can find, and you just said you don't need to know everything.
    You're confusing.

  5. Good afternoon, Nick, CANADA is the home of STAR TREK my home and native land LOL. TNG Conspiracy aliens are coming back HA WOW, I would like to see the VOYAGER'S humanoid race the Vidiian THEIR technology was very advanced then NOW wow. thanks for sharing your informative look at the upcoming stuff.

  6. Strange New Worlds…. Do we think we’re going to get an opening monologue, “Space, the final frontier etc”?
    That would be a retro nod!

  7. CBS ALL ACCESS app on PlayStation has so many bugs it’s so annoying. I unsubscribed until the next Trek series release. I wonder when Paramount+ will start?

  8. 2 things 1 love your passion star trek online is great antidote to covid! No doesn't cure it but sure does take your mind off it.
    Good work 👍

  9. Oh, yeah… Ketwolski said he is moving this here. Needed a minute to realize I am on Trek Central. 😀
    I hope they do something on Paramount + launch day. Something like some Short Treks or even maybe Strange New Worlds pilot – if they filmed enough material.
    It would be nice and good promo move. We'll see.

  10. 2:01 Acting Captain Will Riker – at the end of Picard, sorry to be picky.
    But I am sure the response would be the same as the Romulan commanders on this comment – "And?"
    3:19 It was also posted on Facebook too, and I think it was a day or so later that the wonderful Kate Mulgrew posted on social media about her receiving her first shot of the vaccine too.

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