Star Trek Discovery's Hilariously AWFUL Season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season Three was a hilarious catastrophe that some how managed to place an expiration date Star Trek Canon whereas attempting to maneuver away from it.

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22 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery's Hilariously AWFUL Season 3

  1. I'm shocked that this shit even gets the green-light. This is the exact, extreme polar opposite of everything Star Trek is. It's not even remotely close to similar. It's a joke, it's offensive, boring, and pretentious.

  2. This Star Trek is shit. I heard it was cancelled. Now I read its been co firmed for season 4 & 5. Anyone know???? I hope to God its gone.

  3. I did give it a chance at the start of the series, but at the end the only msg it seemed to give was allow lesser species to advance they will destroy everything you know in an instant.

  4. Because of your bias you don't really care to watch STD so don't give people an accurate report. You mentioned in previous report the hilarity of little Michal Yeoh beating people up on the show. Do you know that she was in the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" and was hired for her fighting skills. She has done countless martial arts movies and is skilled in Wing Chun and many martial arts weapons as well. You and a friend mentioned that the shout from the Kelpian could not have caused the burn because sound doesn't travel in space and only travels thru air a little over 700+ miles per hour. In previous episode they pondered how the same song could be found in many different systems that had not contact with each other. Burnam discovered there was a link between dilithium and sound frequencies that could travel thru subspace. His shout cased the chain reaction to occur within the corresponding crystals on every ship that was traveling at warp speed thru subspace.

  5. Terrible as the season was, Georgiou's two-parter managed to make my Star Trek shortlist. "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" in season 1 did as well. So Discovery has two spots in the top ten list, something which neither Voyager nor Enterprise managed even once in their combined eleven seasons. It's why I keep coming back to it like a battered housewife.

  6. wait WTF removable nacelles…. omg I'm so glad i stopped watching after the first 3 episodes, barely managed 5 with Picard, i mean the time camera. Not to mention the whole anti-capitalism thing. Bring on Season 3 of the Orville and Axanar.
    I used to watch CW, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, stopped watching couple of season ago when they seems to go all woke, stories got crap.

  7. I defended some of season 1, even thought it shit all over canon and the Klingons were terrible. I enjoyed aspects of season 2 with the introduction of Pike's crew. Season 3 I honestly don't know what the point of it was, and when they stopped a scene dead in it's tracks to lecture me about gender pronouns I knew I was done. I watch ST with my best friend who's been in a wheelchair for 30 years. At the end of the finale' it looked like they were adding a (possibly) straight white male to the cast who's IN A FREAKING WHEELCHAIR I asked my buddy how it felt to be represented. He said if I ever asked him to download ST again he's banning me from his home (c'mon I'm not paying for CBS ALL ACCESS. The Stand mini-series is also shit)

  8. When a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does it make a sound ? No. Sound exists in our ears and brains. No one listening no sound. Std makes no noise because no one is listening.

  9. The episode w/o mikey spock makes that simpsons joke/meme real by having everyone in every scene talk about mikey spock, these assholes actually did it……

  10. The sad part is that the lower decks cartoon is exactly what we all should have gotten. A show about a crew that makes second contact and goes back over issues we have seen but never had answers to.

    It's really sad that cartoons like lower decks and clone wars are better then any movies or show reboots. Maybe cause they actually let fans make those and not toxic agenda pushing tools.

  11. Star Trek Discovery is the best example, of a MYRIAD of examples, of what happens when you elevate current year politics and [communist] propaganda over good story telling and organic character development.

  12. S1 was meh
    S2 was in my opinion ok. I think pike was a good boosts in the quality, or the writers give a damn.
    S3 was even wors then S1. I have watched it because it was a timefiller.

  13. You forgot the stupidest thing about STD. It follows the BBC model, where you actually have to pay to watch it! Making reviewers that stayed after the first season the dumbest people in all the galaxy!

  14. To “not be part of the program” in regard to “anl STD is a good thing….. it needs to go away quickly and be discarded like a used tissue……and get some shots for the/that Burn…….um

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