Star Trek: Discovery | "There Is A Tide…" (S3, E12) Recap | The Ready Room

This week, Director Jonathan Frakes joins host Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology) in “The Prepared Room” to debate Star Trek’s advanced new villain, …

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40 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery | "There Is A Tide…" (S3, E12) Recap | The Ready Room

  1. This third season is a nose dive. It was good at the beginning. It isn't my Trek.

    I'm happy so many enjoy it. I tried my best.

  2. Bro… are we gonna ignore Will Riker's admonishing of YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE?! bro…. Giordi…. where you at?! Data?! seriously guys… what the franks!!?!!?!?!

  3. Osyraa is "the big bad" of the season? Color me surprised since she's only in a third of the episodes. Probably shouldn't have wasted most of the season on the Burn B-plot if the Emerald Chain was supposed to be the focus.

  4. Oh my those phasers. I realized Georgiou still had one on her when she left so in theory she will still have it in Section 31.

  5. SHAME on "Star Trek: Discovery" for explicitly linking Capitalism and slavery. Capitalism is the system of freedom – it's what made the elimination of slavery possible. If it's not freedom guaranteed by individual rights, it's not Capitalism.

  6. This is just for fun….A crazy WHAT IF? Which Star Trek Characters from other series could have conceivably either had the longevity to live, or reasonably been flung forward in the temporal wars, that could occupy the position of federation president? An artificial life form from that planet that Picard was reborn at? Ben Sisko after spending time with the prophets? Michael's Father? Brainstorm… GO!

  7. I was hoping they would touch on the fact that the sphere data and Discovery were merging… the fact that there MAY BE a chance that Discovery MIGHT have a hint of sentience had me at "Oh My… How Andromeda Ascendant…" and all I can say is that if that is the road they are going down… and IF it is handled right… then, by all means… BRING IT… WANNA SEE!!! (I'm looking at you J. Frakes!!!)

  8. My problem is this, she should have had a discussion with Georgiou before she was written out.
    Considering that the two characters are so similar.
    That would've fixed a lot.
    She's essentially the Terran empress anyway, and is a meta character, considering the plot structure of this season is remarkably similar to the ending of the first season.

  9. I feel like they’ve actually topped season two, which was something I hadn’t thought possible (I thought Pike and Spock were that well done). Will Wheaton is the perfect host for Ready Room, but I’m still waiting to see Wesley show up on Picard.

  10. Holy cow how much weight did Johnathan Frakes lose in the last year? wow. ST D season 3 was shot 10 months ago, and they had some pictures of him directing and he looked nothing like this, pretty amazing transformation. This episode of ST D was great I hope he is able to do more, I think one of the reasons it was so good is because he was involved.

  11. Oskara is one of the best villains Trek has ever had. Kudos to Kidder and the writers. 😂 I love how capitalism is the villain in the episode

  12. Frake's enthusiasm makes me wonder who the "kid" is, out of these two! What a CRAY moment when Wil mentioned that he's currently Patrick Stewart's age when he started on TNG.

    Mind. Blown.

  13. As someone who is not angered by (and likely not disagreeing with) Wheaton's politics, his shilling for this mediocre (at best) TV show elicits, in me, reactions ranging from uncomfortable to annoyed/nauseated. I have to wonder why all other posters are in such gushing love with all of this.

    I've tried to watch Discovery, and it regularly confuses me. And before you expose your own boorishness, I'll inform you that I hold a grad degree in abstract math, and undergrad degrees in both chemistry and physics.

    It's clear that I don't understand it because it makes little sense. Plenty of other YouTubers, like RLM and Pensky, have carefully analyzed it and expressed the same conclusion.

    Bottom line is that as generic SciFi, I have trouble generating the enthusiasm to proclaim "meh" for this object of your admiration. But as Star Trek, it is only slightly hyperbolic to call this a crime against humanity

    I'll be interested whether this post is deleted, because I don't see how this could be called trolling or even inflammatory

  14. As one who loves the behind the scenes material AND the obvious love and passion for the franchise, this has been a great opportunity and experience.
    Really, I just want to play in Frakes sandbox. He obviously loves the magic he creates. LOL!

  15. Wil do another great interview, hitting the serious high points from the episode and hanging with one of his favorite people while doing it. So awesome.

  16. Bravo Jonathan! Whatever you and your crew are doing keep it up. This is by far and away my favorite Star Trek series. Each and every episode just gets better and the story is so immersive. Congrats to all involved in bringing us this wonderful universe.

  17. The Vans Osyraa scene was amazing. The Feddies should just take the deal. They are letting their foolish pride get in the way of peace. For the good of the people!

  18. So I went back to the apple conversation after viewing this. Is it me or is this the first time we learned that the replicators recycle our body waste. Ingenious!

  19. I'm sorry but "well rounded villain" she is not. I'm sorry but the
    Osyraa character is about as flat as it comes. All she has is fear as pointed out in the episode. A true villain would comprise an inch to gain a foot. You also would think she would have a second in command that would continue on with her work even if she was removed from the overall scheme of things.

  20. That Regulator who got blown out of the ship when the fire alarm went off, was she a Klingon with the Augment Virus, or something else?

  21. Thank you all! 2020 has left its marks, but Discovery has been one of its bright spots!! May we all have a safe, healthy and happy 2021!!!

  22. Michael whispers too much LOL. I still enjoy the series, but I think it's starting to lose some of its mainstream appeal, even though fans will remain engaged.

  23. Why can't the federation replicate the spore drive? Replicated matter, detached warp nacelles, personal transporters & tricorders that fit in a combadge…but they can't replicate tech from 900 years ago? Also, while the poop explanation behind replicators was mentioned on Enterprise NX-01…the tech being the same 1000 years later is just silly. Also, I feel like WW drinks himself stupid after shooting these clips…because I've never seen someone put on the enthusiasm as think as he does. Lastly, them not having time to rehearse the scenes is obviously. I mean, I've seen worse acting but none of the characters are all that interesting. And interesting characters were a hallmark of trek. People not seeing things coming is because the story is all over the place and has plot twists for the sake of shock value.

  24. Just finished watching the episode and here is my immediate reaction:
    I now understand why Burnham so hated; after how she dismissed Stamets' pleading for his husband and his "adopted" child I WANT THAT HEARTLESS BITCH DEAD!!!

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